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Subdomain redirects to defaultwebpage.cgi

2013-07-08 1:52 pm EST

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Hello, Inmotion!

I created a A record called paperashoes on my domain, appointing to the IP of my VPS server

If i ping to, it works.

I created too a subdomain on the cPanel.

But when i try to access the, the browser redirect me to the defaultwebpage.cgi.

I cleared the DNS cache from my machine, and still doesn't works.

I find some solutions on the web, to solves this, but i need to do SSH access. But when i try to do SSH access in my PUTTY with the host,, him returns "Connection timed out".

Someone can help me with this?


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2013-07-08 2:06 pm EST
Hello luizhrqas, and thanks for your question.

I'm not currently seeing the issues you've described, this is what I currently see:

On your website, there is a subdomain of setup, going there pulls up the same content as the main site, since it's pointed at the same /public_html/ directory.

You have a separate cPanel account of papera setup, and this has the domain hosted under it. This seems to pull up as expected without a default server page.

The address is going to pull up the the default server page, as it doesn't physically exist as anything on your server.

Please let us know if you're still experiencing any issues at all.

- Jacob

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Hello, Jacob!

I created the subdomain on cPanel.

If i access this on browser:, it shows de default server page.

On my DNS Manager, i created an A record called paperashoes, to the IP of But it still shows the default server page.

The domain will be appointed to the, understand? But to this, i need to the subdomain works.

Thank you for the reply, but the problem still exists.
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2013-07-08 2:56 pm EST
Hello luizhrqas,

Because you've now created the correct sub-domain it is displaying properly. However, because previously you had it pointed to a non-existent location that has more than likely been cached by your computer.

Try to add /index.php to the end of the subdomain to force it to pull up that specific file. You might need to wait up to 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate, but in most cases doing it this way will force your web-browser to resolve the subdomain's DNS entries again.

I'm not sure why you're creating a subdomain on one of your domains, if your end goal is to have the website be hosted under its own unique domain name. As currently the domain name by itself pulls from a completely separate cPanel account than the one setup for the full domain.

Typically if you have a new domain name, you'd just create a new separate cPanel account like you've already done, and then just use the domain name directly instead of using a subdomain on another domain on the server. Otherwise the only thing I can think of is that you just want the domain name for people to easily type in, but then it re-directs them to the subdomain version of the site.

Please let us know if you had any further questions.

- Jacob
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2013-07-08 3:58 pm EST
Hello Jacob!

Thanks for you second reply. I put the /index.php, and its worked successfully. Very thanks for the brotip! :D

I will now appoint the domain to the subdomain, because on *, runs an CMS multi-site, where the subdomain defines the site, understand?

Very thanks anyway.
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2013-07-09 12:59 pm EST
Hello luizhrqas,

No problem, really glad that worked for you!

It does make sense to have you newer domain re-direct to the subdomain if you're using a CMS multi-site off that main domain, so your current setup should work.

If you run into any further issues at all, please let us know!

- Jacob
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2013-07-09 3:12 pm EST
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