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DNS problem

2013-04-02 7:57 am EST

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Dear Sirs,

My account is info@******.com.

I have moved name servers to InMotion for my clients domain since yesterday but I still see no email coming to InMotion.

I wonder if there is an internal problem perhaps.
After 24 hours it should have received at least one email.

One more question: How do I set the Reverse DNS of *******.com.
I check and it says that it is wrong...

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2013-04-02 9:02 am EST
Hello rentoulass,

I see that you also contacted our Live Support team and they were able to assist. When working with MX records, always make sure the highest priority MX record is pointing to the email server you want to receive mail at. This will ensure the email gets delivered properly. I also checked the Reverse DNS for your server and it is correct. Being a shared server, that information is set by our Systems team.

Best Regards,
Scott M

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Let me explain what happened:
I had two MX Records,
****.com with priority 0 ( that points to in Motion )
and remote.****.com with priority 10 that used to point to my client exchange server ( in his office )

For some strange reason email were delivere to the second MX record having the 10 priority.

After I spoke with your support , I decided to delete the second Mx ( remote.****.com ) and magically enough emails were delivered to In Motion !

Can you please explain why this happened ?
I use MX records for the rest of my clients and I would not like to abandom the idea of a second MX retrieveing emails when therei is something wrong with the first MX

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2013-04-02 10:25 am EST
Hello rentoulass,

By default the priority set in MX records should be followed by the sending mail server appropriately. So in this case it should attempt to deliver to the lowest priority first ****.com | MX 0, if that server can not be reached, then the next highest MX priority server would be attempted remote.****.com | MX 10.

If you do not have a secondary MX record defined, then if the sending mail server can not reach the primary MX server, it will queue the message on the sending server, then attempt to re-send it to the primary MX server at the sending server's message retry times.

Taking a look at your DNS records from backups, it actually appears that the root problem is that your MX 0 record is actually just pointing to the A record for ****.com. This A record was pointing to another IP address that is not one of our servers, so more than likely as senders from the outside world were trying to send you messages, it was connecting to this other server which probably didn't handle mail for your domain, and then it went onto the secondary.

It looks like everything is straightened away now, and I see successful mail deliveries coming into your account.

Please let us know if you have any further questions at all.

- Jacob
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2013-04-02 11:07 am EST
Thank you Jacob.
I believe it had the wrong IP for a short period of time.

Thnaks again
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2013-04-02 11:30 am EST
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