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Logaholic turns itself off

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2013-10-01 12:46 am EST

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Hi, just wondering why my Logaholic keeps turning itself off? Every time I go to view my site's stats it says it has been disabled, and to re-enable it to use it - which I do - and then rinse/repeat a few days later. Thanks for the help.

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2013-10-01 8:07 am EST
I'm sorry to hear about the logaholics issue, I'll see what I can do to help.

Are other users having this problem?

I'm not aware of any other customers having this problem, your question is the first time this has been brought to attention. I even did some searching on the web, and actually wasn't able to find others reporting a similar problem with logaholics disabling itself.

My own testing of logaholics

I logged into my testing cPanel account, and I saw the following message:

Logaholic Web Analytics processing is currently disabled. You may proceed to Logaholic to view any previously processed web statistics.

Go to Choose Log Programs to enable Logaholic processing.

Unlike your situation, I don't see an option to enable logaholics. The Choose Log Programs feature only allows administrators to enable logaholic, so you wouldn't be able to enable / disable it on a share server.

We'll need more information to help further

  • What exactly did you see, how did you enable logaholics?

  • Are you on a shared server, or a vps / dedicated server?

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    Yes, That is the exact message I get when I choose to view the Logaholic Web Analytics - except when I click on 'Choose Log Programs' it brings me to that page, where I am able to check and uncheck which log programs I would like to use for my account. The 'Analog' is locked out (by the administrator), but it allows me to select whether or not to use Awstats, Logaholic, and Webalizer for each domain I have hosted on my account.

    I do believe that I am on a shared server.
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    2013-11-17 4:57 am EST
    The Choose Log Programs option is used to select which logs are enabled/disabled on your cPanel account. As this option is not available on shared hosting, you will not be able to disable any of the log software within your cPanel. To access Logaholic, you may do so by clicking on Logaholic within your cPanel. You cannot, however, disable the logs by using the Choose Log Programs option.
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    2013-11-18 11:10 am EST
    Well, I have the PowerPlan - have had for about a year and a half now. I do believe that I am on a 'shared' server. On my cPanel, I can choose the log programs , which I don't mind being able to or not being able to - it's just that I choose that I want the Webalizer, and it keeps unselecting it.

    It's never instant - It will stay for about a day, and then give me that same message that you said you received on your testing account.
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    2013-11-20 11:00 pm EST
    Hello SL20XX,

    Thank you for contacting us. Logaholic is not available on our shared servers, which is why the setting becomes un-selected after a while.

    AWSTATS, and Webalizer are available instead, and provide similar information.

    Logaholic can be enabled on VPS, and Dedicated Servers, you can easily upgrade your plan from AMP.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
    Thank you,

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    2013-11-21 9:42 am EST
    Alright, makes sense then. Thanks for the replies. One last question - was this recently changed? Because I used to use it often with no issues. Thanks again.
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    2013-11-21 3:29 pm EST
    Hello SL20XX,

    The change to remove Logaholic from shared servers was a more recent change. The reason behind this is that every day it would need to run on every user on the server, and insert all of its data into a MySQL database which can be a disk intensive activity.

    It was observed on average that only about 1-5% of each shared server's population was utilizing Logaholic after the fact of it processing all the logs. So in the best interest of having more CPU and disk resources available to customers for serving their websites and email, it was disabled on shared servers.

    Sorry that change affected you. As John Paul had mentioned it's still an option on our more isolated platforms where users can individually choose to still utilize it.

    - Jacob
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    2013-11-21 4:10 pm EST
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