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2013-04-21 8:24 am EST

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Seriously Inmotion has a bad support team :
i posted a question "Why after 2 Weeks my hostingPlan is not Activated" and i still haven't receive any concrete answer or e-mail.
Please Read the conversations i had with them because i starting to feel it like a scam


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Chat session started at 12:13:30

Conference ID: MLLTVPV

James G.: Hello Coulibaly Ibrahim. How may I help you?

Coulibaly Ibrahim: is it the Billing team ?

James G.: No.

James G.: Billing is not availalbe in chat.

James G.: Tech support can address some billing issues.

Coulibaly Ibrahim: ok i guess i just spoke to you

James G.: Yes.

Coulibaly Ibrahim: im getting worried

Coulibaly Ibrahim: i don't understand i didn't get my domain name and hosting and i don't have my money back

James G.: The account was not confirmed.

THe transacrtion was voided so the pending charge was cleared. No refund was issued because no money was taken out. It was just a pending charge.

James G.: Your best bet is to wait for sales to arrive so that they can help you sort this out and verify the account.

Coulibaly Ibrahim: i understand you now but credit card got charged the bank retrieved the money

Coulibaly Ibrahim: my credit card

Coulibaly Ibrahim: so where is my moeny if you don't have it

James G.: I understand, however I can not address this.;

Coulibaly Ibrahim: cuz i don't have it too

James G.: This is tech support I have no access or ability to review the tranasaction log.

Coulibaly Ibrahim: does Inmotion has the extension 40 and 2 ? via 757-416-6575 ? because a support team gave them to me to call but the server always said "Sorry this is not a valid extension"

James G.: 2 is the support team.

Coulibaly Ibrahim: ok ill wait for the Sales Team. Im really desapointed
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2013-04-21 08:38 am EST



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2013-04-22 8:50 am EST
Hello Coulibaly,

I do apologize for the account setup issue. I know there have been several attempts to contact you to confirm the account so we can activate it, but the account was eventually cancelled due to inablilty to confirm. I know it can be difficult if you are attempting to confirm from a different country, especially if you are in a different time zone.

Please attempt to contact Billing or Confirmations from 9am - 5pm EDT. That is the time that most of the staff is working. If you contact outside that time, you may end up being transferred to the tech support where they can answer some questions, but are not able to see transactions for security purposes, which is what you need at this point. The billing department will be able to help you track the transaction and ensure your money gets back to you.

Best Regards,
Scott M

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