Convert a Media File Format in Audacity

Audacity is a popular free audio editor for musicians and podcasters doing destructive audio editing. While more advanced users may prefer FFMPEG for file conversions, Audacity makes such changes easier for users without experience in the command line interface (CLI). Below we cover how to convert media files in Audacity. Share your creative content fast Read More >

Prevent Brute-Force WordPress Logins with WP fail2ban

WP fail2ban is a freemium WordPress security plugin with features for logging, brute-force attack prevention, and spam protection. In the free version you must edit the wp-config.php file with any configurations. Then, it’ll view within your WordPress dashboard. If you prefer a full-featured security plugin, we recommend Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan and BBQ: Read More >

Editing the UltraStack Ansible Configuration File

Ansible offers the ability to set default settings for how modules and playbooks interact with remote nodes in your inventory. There is a huge list of settings you can add within your Ansible configuration file. Below we cover how to locate your Ansible configuration file and included settings. Locate Ansible Configuration File Log into SSH Read More >

Ways to Contact WordPress Developers

TL/DR: Plugin/Theme developer, WordPress Slack, IRC channels, our Community Support Center, and Web Design Services We get it. Customers don’t want to be told to “contact a developer” when there’s a coding issue. You may not want to hire a web designer because you trust yourself more than someone with positive ratings on Fiverr or Read More >

How to Add Hosts to Your Ansible Inventory

Every server you manage with Ansible needs to be added to your Inventory.yml file. Your Ansible inventory organizes these remote hosts into groups for easier configuration within your playbooks. Below we cover how to add hosts to your Ansible inventory, sample groups, and testing an inventory connection. Manage your Ansible inventory with our reliable Cloud Read More >

How to Hide Your NGINX Server Version

Banner grabbing is the act of scanning websites to find server information including services and open ports. This technique is used during vulnerability assessments. Hiding your server version from scanning tools makes it harder for hackers to know what vulnerabilities can be exploited on your server. We use many internal tools for enhanced server security Read More >

Drupal Archive_Tar Vulnerability – 12/18/2019

Issue: On December 18, 2019, Archive_Tar, used in the Drupal content management system (CMS), has many vulnerabilities if a Drupal website is set to allow and process .tar, .tar.gz, .bz2, or .tlz file uploads Versions affected ? 8.8.x-dev8.7.x-dev7.x-dev Recommendation: Update Drupal 8Update Drupal 7 Source: Learn more about website security in our Drupal 8 Read More >