WP Cerber Security Site Integrity

Date: 11/08/2019          1 Minute to Read The WP Cerber WordPress plugin includes a manual scanner to check vulnerabilities and recently changed files within your WordPress site, plugins, and themes. Do this regularly for assistance logging changes within your WordPress root directory. Site Integrity Log in to your WordPress dashboard. Hover over WP Cerber and click Site Read More >

HTTP Headers WordPress Plugin – Content Security Policy (CSP)

Date: 11/08/2019          2 Minutes to Read The HTTP Headers plugin makes it easy to configure Content Security Policy (CSP) for WordPress security. The Header set Content-Security-Policy header forces web browsers to only load what’s specified within your CSP. Think of CSP as a “code firewall.” No matter what code is in that webpage, the browser is Read More >

WordPress HTTP Headers Plugin – Export and Import Settings

Date: 11/05/2019          1 Minute to Read The HTTP Headers plugin advanced settings allow you to easily export and import its settings for faster WordPress site setup. Before you continue: Log in to your WordPress dashboard. On the left, hover over Settings and click HTTP Headers. Click Advanced Settings at the top. Export Click Export to download Read More >

How to Set WP Cerber Security Notifcations

Date: 08/07/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: WP Cerber Notifications Strong Email Authentication Your website truly is more secure with VPS Hosting. cPHulk brute force protection, ConfigServer & Firewall (CSF), and Scheduled cPanel backups safeguard your data and peace of mind in various ways. Yet those tools have one important thing in common Read More >

WP Cerber Global Settings to Restrict Website Access

Date: 08/15/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: WP Cerber Global Settings A WordPress plugin that restricts visitors to an “under construction” or login page can be helpful depending on the type of website. However, that plugin likely isn’t security-focused. And it serves no purpose until you need that maintenance page. That’s not the Read More >

WP Cerber Security Antispam and Bot Detection Settings

Date: 08/23/2019 | 2 Minutes to Read In this article: Antispam Settings reCAPTCHA As we stated when covering WP Cerber Security hardening options, the plugin can replace other WordPress security plugins. In that article, we discussed replacing the maintenance page as an example. This time we replace the WordPress Heartbeat API and reCAPTCHA plugins. WP Read More >

WP Cerber Security Tools

Date: 08/16/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: Export & Import Settings Diagnostic Info Logs Plugin Update Changelog License for Paid users These tools display info for troubleshooting and options for plugin setup. The WP Cerber Security WordPress plugin is a versatile security suite including an IP access list, automated email notifications, and other Read More >

WordPress HTTP Headers Plugin – HSTS

Date: 10/30/2019          1 Minute to Read The HTTP Headers plugin has the ability to add, and manage, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) in your .htaccess file to improve WordPress security. This forces web browsers that support HSTS to only load your website a using secure (HTTPS) connection. You must have a valid paid, or free, SSL Read More >

How to Change the First Softaculous Page for cPanel Accounts

Date: 10/29/2019          1 Minute to Read Learn how to change the first page cPanel users see when entering the Softaculous Instant Installer. Not to be confused with the Top Softaculous Scripts section in cPanel, this allows resellers and server administrators to ensure cPanel users can easily view outdated installations. This article only applies to VPS and Read More >