Can’t Send Email With VPN Connected? Let’s Fix That.

Many privacy-conscious users have been there. You’re at home or in your favorite lounge with your virtual private network (VPN) application enabled because you’re connected to an open public network. You’re trying to clean up your inbox but your email responses don’t send – they sit in your outbox. You can do everything else on Read More >

How to Install Plugins in OctoberCMS

OctoberCMS has a long list of plugins to help you achieve your goals without having to edit code. You can preview plugins information at before installing within your dashboard. While you’re looking to improve your website, check out our Nginx-powered WordPress Hosting for higher performance without unneeded features. Install Plugins 1. Log into OctoberCMS.2. Read More >

Upload Episodes in Podcast Generator

After you configure Podcast Generator, you’ll want to upload your first episode before you submit your podcast to iTunes. Podcast Generator offers multiple methods to accomplish this. Note: Do you need more disk space and performance to accommodate more podcast episodes and listeners? Get your content transferred to our VPS Hosting for free today with Read More >

Submit Podcasts to iTunes with Podcast Generator

After configuring Podcast Generator, you’ll want to ensure your podcast is ready for iTunes once you upload your first episode. Doing this helps you reach more potenetial listeners from multiple podcasting platforms as well. Because many podcast platforms require similar standards for approval, Podcast Generator has specific settings to help you ensure your podcast is Read More >

Install Podcast Generator with Softaculous

You don’t need a SoundCloud Pro account or WordPress website just to distribute podcast RSS feeds to iTunes. The open source Podcast Generator content management system (CMS) is specifically made for this task. It doesn’t use a database and allows episode uploading via website, cPanel or FTP. You can install Podcast Generator manually via Read More >

Test WordPress Accessibility with Access Monitor

While WP Accessibility helps improve WordPress accessibility compliance, Access Monitor schedules different types of accessibility tests within your WordPress dashboard. Now, you can save and compare test results instead of depending on external web apps such as Accessibility is becoming a more known aspect of overall website performance whether you’re using our Nginx-powered WordPress Read More >