WordPress Critical Security Announcement

As of today, several vulnerabilities were discovered and patched within WordPress. The most critical of these is a cross-site scripting vulnerability which allows malicious comments to be left, and when seen, can execute unauthorized code as the administrator user in versions 3.0-3.9.2. Although 4.0 is not affected by this particular vulnerability, several other vulnerabilities were Read More >

Whitelisting an IP in Mod Security

At times, such as resolving a WordPress admin lockdown caused by a brute force attack, you may need to whitelist an IP within Mod Security. Whitelisting your IP will allow any requests from that particular IP that would normally be blocked by Mod Security to instead be allowed. In this article, we will show you Read More >

Banning known hack sources from your WordPress site

Preventing malicious attacks before they are even attempted is often one of the best defenses against your website becoming hacked. Of course, there is no replacement for a securely developed site, but a large majority of attacks can be blocked by simply banning malicious sources from your WordPress site. In this article, we will show Read More >