Links to 10 Free Prestashop template websites

While we have many tutorials for setting up your Prestashop and configuring your ecommerce site, we do not have any templates available for you to use. If you are struggling to find a template for your Prestashop site, we included below 10 different sites that have free templates available. We are not affiliated with any Read More >

Twitter Bootstrap Common classes and HTML styles

Now that you have the Twitter Bootstrap setup and you have added your buttons to the site, you can now use the built in features for your content. There is a large list of CSS classes you can use in your content. This article will explain what the table HTML looks like and the <img> Read More >

Upgrading Moodle Using Softaculoous

Moodle continually updates their software versions as a continued effort to bring the best and most secure version of Moodle. When a new version comes out, you can upgrade your existing version by using Softaculous. This article will teach you how to upgrade your Moodle software through Softaculous. Steps to upgrade Moodle Login into your Read More >

Setting up the Configurable Reports Block in Moodle

After you install the Moodle Configurable Report Block, you will need to create your custom report. The steps below explain how to set up a basic custom report in the Configurable Report Block. Setting up the General Settings for your Custom Report Log into the Moodle Dashboard. Go to the Configurable Blocks block. Note! If Read More >

Installing the Configurable reports block in Moodle

Moodle has the capability of making your own custom reports without having to know SQL and to customize it yourself. The make your own custom reports, you can install the Configurable Reports Block to your Moodle site. The below steps will explain how. Steps to install the Configurable Block plugin Go to the following URL Read More >

Adding the Bootstrap Menu Buttons to your Responsive Template

Now that you have Bootstrap set up on your Responsive Template, you can use the code provided by Bootstrap to style your site. Bootstrap has a premade set of buttons and menus that you can use in your site. You can see what the look like in the snapshot to the right.In this tutorial, we Read More >

Adding the Bootstrap files to your Responsive Template

Once you have the Bootstrap Theme Roller created and downloaded. You will need to add the files to your website. The image to the right shows what the responsive template looks like before you add the Bootstrap Theme. You can compare what the theme looks like before the bootstrap is added and after in the Read More >

Custom CSS Styles with the Bootstrap Theme Roller

When you are designing your website, you will be relieved to learn that there are easy to use tools online that allow you to create your own website styles that can be applied to your website. The Bootstrap Theme Roller is a great tool for designing your website with javascript. What is Bootstrap Theme Roller? Read More >

Free Responsive Templates with jQuery Theme Roller styles

You can create your own custom Responsive Template using the jQuery Theme Roller. We have created some premade themes for your Responsive Template. Below are the premade themes you can get in the Theme Roller Gallery. Feel free to download these and edit them as you see fit. You can also learn how to create Read More >