How to Enable/Disable Backups Using the Backup Manager

The InMotion Hosting Backup Manager plugin integrates cPanel with the remote backup system to allow you to maintain your backup data. For instance, you can perform a restoration, monitor the backup storage capacity and control which data is backed up and how often. In this guide, you can learn how to enable/disable remote backups using Read More >

Zombieload and Microarchitecture Data Sampling (MDS)

Issue: Zombieload and microarchitecture data sampling (MDS) Status: InMotion Hosting is aware of the reports. No services are reportedly affected. Who is impacted? All computers and devices with Intel CPU’s are theoretically vulnerable. Estimated time until resolution: Patches from Intel and related vendors will be applied as soon as they become available. What are Zombieload Read More >

How to Restore a Backup File/Folder Using the Backup Manager

InMotion Hosting Business Class and Reseller Hosting plans now include an exclusive Backup Manager plugin for cPanel. This application allows users to manage the automated backups that are stored remotely and includes the ability to backup and restore files/folders and databases. With great power comes great responsibility; No need to worry though because, in this Read More >

What are Database User Privileges?

Databases are created and maintained using MySQL. Another MySQL function is to verify credentials and permissions. First, to initiate a connection to a database, MySQL must authenticate a database user and password combination (as well as the hostname from which the request was made). Once the connection is authorized, commands to manipulate a particular database Read More >

How to Create a MySQL Database Using the cPanel API

If you are running cPanel on your server, then you should use the cPanel API to create the database from the command line. Creating the database this way, allows for cPanel to integrate the necessary permissions for each cPanel user to access the databases they are granted access to. For instance, if you create a Read More >

How to Create a Database Using MySQL from the Command Line

If you need to create a database for your website there are multiple ways to do it. In this guide, you can learn how to create a MySQL database using the command line. IMPORTANT: This guide is inteneded for use with our Cloud VPS (and other hosting plans that do not include cPanel). If your Read More >

How to Manage the SpamAssassin Blacklist Using Spam Filters

An influx of unsolicited emails can be quite irritating. However, you can utilize SpamAssassin to help fight against spam. In particular, you can add email addresses to the Blacklist so that Spam Filters will classify messages from them as spam. In this guide, you can learn how to manage the SpamAssassin Blacklist using the Spam Read More >

How to Manage the SpamAssassin Whitelist Using Spam Filters

Fighting spam does take some time and dedication. Unfortunately, many users experience receiving unsolicited emails and it can be overwhelming. However thanks to SpamAssassin, you can fight spam like a pro! If you are expecting an email that you (based on your Spam Filters settings) think may be mistaken for spam, you can add the Read More >

How to Enable/Disable the Auto-Delete Feature Using the Spam Filters Settings in cPanel

Spam Filters enhance your ability to manage unsolicited emails from cluttering your inbox. Once you have fine-tuned your Spam Threshold Score, you can turn on the Auto-Delete feature. This feature will automatically delete email messages assigned a spam score higher than your configured value. In this guide you can learn how to enable/disable the Auto-Delete Read More >

How to Enable/Disable the Spam Box Feature Using the Spam Filters Settings in cPanel

The Spam Box is a great feature that can help mitigate the amount of emails (classified as spam) that appear in your inbox. By enabling the spam box and setting an appropriate Spam Threshold Score you can filter potential spam emails to their own folder. Along with the added benefit of reducing the amount of Read More >