Why Move from Public Cloud to Private Cloud


Cloud Repatriation is the Choice of Cloud Professionals Public cloud users are finding out that for all their convenience and so-called affordability, they are not suitable for their workloads. Serious work requires serious infrastructure. Private clouds are the perfect solution for experienced cloud professionals who are tired of shocking cloud bills, or disappointing performance from Read More >

How InMotion Hosting Builds Better OpenStack Deployments

InMotion Hosting Builds Better OpenStack Deployments with the Institute for Cyber Security Since July 2020, InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Cloud team has worked closely with OpenStack administrators and architects at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Institute for Cyber Security (ICS). The two teams met during the 2020 OpenStack OpenDev virtual event for OpenStack Read More >

OpenStack or Kubernetes


When considering a cloud deployment, the choice of cloud architecture is critical for the success of your project. OpenStack and Kubernetes are popular choices for cloud applications, but which technology is the best fit for your individual use case? Learn about the differences between OpenStack and Kubernetes and for which use cases they are great. Read More >

What is a Serverless Architecture?

Serverless architecture is one of the most cutting edge and advanced approaches to cloud computing today. With a serverless architecture, you can serve your application or workload literally without servers. Learn how a serverless architecture works and when you might use a serverless architecture. How can you have no servers? Serverless application design Development tools Read More >

Getting a New Perspective with Ansible

Our world is shaped by increasing technical debt and operational complexity, nestled within layers of abstraction to the point where daily life needs documentation and an operating manual. As the operational needs of organizations and individuals march onward toward the next generation of post-hype micro-services, reigning in this complexity has become a Sisyphean task. At Read More >