East Coast Data Center Connectivity

Update As of 5:55pm eastern time all connectivity issues have been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers and their site visitors. Please let us know if any connectivity issues persist. @ 5:11pm eastern time our Systems Administration Team has identified a connectivity issue outside our network hindering many of Read More >

East Coast Data Center

UPDATE The connectivity issue which interrupted service to our East Coast Data Center has been resolved at this time. We suspect the issue was due to hardware failure that one of our bandwidth providers had to address. Please let us know if any connectivity issues persist. UPDATE While our Systems Team is working with our Read More >

Connection Issue

UPDATE In order to mitigate the recent connection issue on the network, a new shared IP has been assigned to ecbiz97. Our Systems Team has lowered the TTL (Time to Live) on DNS records to expedite DNS propagation. At this time, customers on ecbiz97 who are still awaiting DNS propagation may be able to help Read More >

Upload your website files

Once you have downloaded your website files from your previous host, the next step is to upload those files to your account with InMotion Hosting. Log into your AMP account and access your account’s Technical Details. Write down the information asked for in the FTP Information Needed form we have provided. FTP Information Needed Corresponding Read More >

Download a copy of your website files

This article will walk you through downloading website files from a previous host that does not utilize cPanel. Using the FTP and Database Information Needed form we have provided, contact your previous host and fill in the requested information for your previous host. On your local computer’s desktop, create a new folder named website backup. Read More >