Connecting a Stock Image Gallery To Your WordPress Blog

Date: 9/13/19  About 1 minute to read. Images work magic for your site. They can instantly communicate a wild array of emotions that inspire your users to act. But they’re really expensive! Serving professional, high-quality images on your WordPress site can easily cost you thousands. This is why image libraries exist. Professional photographers sell (or share) Read More >

How To Hide Your WordPress Version From Hackers

Date: 9/6/19  |  Reading time about 2 minutes. Every moment your website is online, it can be preyed upon by hackers. If you have a WordPress site, you can be certain it will be targeted at some point. The question is not if attempts will be made to compromise your site, it’s when. But there’s hope! If Read More >

How To Disable Text Highlighting and Right-click in WordPress

Date: 9/6/19  |  About 2 minutes to read Your content is the most valuable resource on your site. Think about how much energy you put into creating it. What if it gets stolen? Wondering how you can make your WordPress content more secure? You can put up your best WordPress defenses with the easy-to-use, lightweight WP Security Read More >

How to Add Custom Fields to a WordPress Theme

Did you know that you could add custom data to posts in WordPress? Technically, we’re talking about metadata, which is basically data about data. With WordPress, you can add metadata to a post using “custom fields”. Using custom fields basically lets you add more information about a post. WordPress lets you display custom metadata alongside Read More >

WHMCS “Department Not Found” Error

Date: 8/30/19  About 1 minute to read Managing support requests for your users is an important part of your web hosting reseller strategy. The errors described below are related to issues that can arise in your support department. Whether you’re a full team or a single admin operation, you will want to deal with errors as Read More >

Video Sitemap Plugins For WordPress

Date: 8/30/19    Reading time about 2 minutes. Videos are difficult and expensive to produce. But the marketing benefits of high-production-value videos are tempting and measurable. Video can make your site or product go through the roof in terms of traffic and overall visibility. So you need videos. But if your videos aren’t popping up Read More >

WordPress Contact Form Not Sending Mail – Basic Troubleshooting

Date: 8/30/10  About two minutes to read “My form was working before, but now I’m not getting emails from customers.” Or, the issue may be, “I’ve installed a contact form on my site and it’s not working at all. I’m not getting any email from this form.” Troubleshooting a contact form on your website can be Read More >