301: How to run a cron job

Navigation: Set up crontab Specify command User-Agent string Cron Job Troubleshooting You can use cPanel’s Cron Job feature to run Unix commands and/or automate the execution of your PHP, Perl, or Python Scripts. To create a Cron Job, you would first log in to your cPanel under “Cron Jobs” then select either “Standard” or “Advanced.” Read More >

Setting up a Redirect for a Domain in your cPanel

    At times, you may want to re-direct traffic from one domain to another domain. This can be done at the domain level or for specific web pages. For example, domain.com and it’s web traffic can be redirected to anotherdomain.com OR domain.com/aboutus.html can be redirected to anotherdomain.com/about.html In this guide we will show you Read More >

How to Change Your Email Account Password in cPanel

Date: 08/16/2019   |   2 Minutes to Read In this article: Change your password in cPanel Change your password in Webmail For security reasons, we recommend you use a password manager to enable yourself to create long, complex passwords and secure them safely. Regardless, passwords can be forgotten, saved wrong (ever copied a password that added Read More >

K2 Video Tutorials

K2 is a content component for Joomla 3. What is a content component? It’s a component that allows you to write and publish articles. It’s much like Joomla’s built in content component, except that it has additional features built right in – such as commenting and tags. Below, you’ll find a collection of K2 video Read More >