How to Build a Page in WordPress

Date: 11/1/19          Time to read: 1:50 In this article: Create a WordPress Page Manage WordPress Pages One of the two basic content creation things that you can build in WordPress is a page. When you build a page, it’s generally something that tends to remain unchanged for a period of time. For example, you will often Read More >

How to Reorder Blog Posts in WordPress

Date: 10/30/19          Time to read: 1:50 In this article: Reordering Blog Posts in the WordPress Administrator Using Plugins to Reorder Posts Modifying Post Order with Code WordPress organizes your posts from newest to oldest. This default sorting functionality works well for everyday posting, but there may be instances in which you need to move certain posts Read More >

How to use Single Sign-On for WordPress through WebPro

Date: 10/21/19          Time to read: 1:30 In this article: Single Sign-on If you’re a website manager or developer working with many accounts, then you know the frustration of having to deal with multiple usernames/password combinations. We’ve developed a Single Sign-On (SSO) function enabling you to access your WordPress website directly from the WebPro interface. Looking for Read More >

How to Enable Brute Force Protection in Jetpack

Date: 10/23/19          Time to read: In this article: Enabling Brute Force Projection Whitelist an IP address In order to use the instructions in this article, you must have the Jetpack plugin installed on your WordPress site. Jetpack is an all-around plugin for WordPress that includes many features including security features. One of the security features that Read More >

How to Enable Downtime Monitoring in Jetpack

Enabling Downtime Monitoring Configuring Notification Settings This tutorial requires that you have Jetpack loaded to your WordPress site. Jetpack includes many options that are helpful to the typical administrator. The plugin includes downtime notification that provides emailed alerts when the site goes down. This tutorial will show you how to enable the alert and then Read More >

How to Add Testimonials Using Jetpack

Date: 10/23/19           Read time: 3:37 In this article: Activating the Jetpack Testimonials Adding a Testimonial Looking for a better host for your WordPress site? Check out InMotion’s optimized WordPress Hosting. One common marketing strategy in promoting your brand or cause is to build trust based on customer experiences. These described experiences are called testimonials. Jetpack Read More >

How to Use Auto-Update in Jetpack

Date: 10/23/19           Time to read: 1:30In this article: Finding Auto-update Selecting Plugins for Auto-update In order to use the tutorial below, you will need to have installed the Jetpack plugin. One common task that a WordPress Administrator faces is updating plugins. Luckily, the Jetpack plugin for WordPress includes an option for auto-updating that you can Read More >

WordPress Plugin Spotlight – SeedProd – Maintenance Mode Plugin

Date: 10/18/19          Time to read: 3:10 In this article: How to Install and Activate the plugin Quick start guide to create a Coming Soon page There are a number of maintenance mode plugins that are now available for WordPress, but this one has managed to stand out in the field. It’s quick and easy to use, Read More >