Gutenberg 12.3 Block Additions

The built-in display editor continues its parallel development with updates in the standalone plugin named Gutenberg.  Currently, at version 12.3, the Gutenberg plugin introduces new features and changes that are eventually integrated into the default visual editor for WordPress.  There are 3 new blocks in the current release;  Site Logo, Post Author, and Group Block Read More >

Using Stackable for WordPress

Gutenberg, the visual editor for WordPress, is a primary focus of development for Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. Mainly, they are focusing on making the process of building a website, a page, or post into a visual tour de force that doesn’t require that you write code. Stackable provides designs, custom blocks, UI kits, Read More >

What is a Load Balancer?

Load-balancing is a critical tool for managing the distribution of work. Most often used in the context of resiliency so your services continue serving without users being impacted, or in some cases even knowing there was a failure in the first place. This means that when the load becomes too high on one server, it Read More >