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August 2015
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15 Steps to Grow your Business Online
15 Steps to Grow Your Business Online
You started your very own business; congratulations! Now that you're a business owner, have you ever wondered about the possibilities for advancing your business online? This article will walk you through the essentials necessary to growing your business online. 

3 Major Components of a Website

First thing's first: Does your business have an online presence? 
When creating a website, here are things you need to do first: 
  • Secure a domain name: Your domain name is a reflection of your business. Branding is important so create one as relevant to your business as possible. 
  • Find a hosting company: A good hosting company is integral to operating your business online. Find a host that can meet your business' needs and is capable of scaling with the growth of your online presence. 
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How to Redirect a Domain
Adam was very knowledgeable about the products offered by InMotion and took the time to fully understand m company's needs. Prior to my call, I had done a lot of research on vendors providing Managed Dedicated Server plans, and InMotion continually stood out. My experience with Adam mirrored all of the positive reviewed I had read, and I was very confident to place my order. I look forward to working with your team and am surprised to say that when Adam offered his full name and direct number for support, that was the first time I had ever experienced that with a hosting company. I anticipate this is a sign of great things to still come."
– Michael C. 
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I help football players and other recover from injuries and concussions, get out of pain, relax and unwind so they can get back to their lives and careers. I do "hands-on" bodywork that helps unwind pain and trauma from the inside out. The work I do is called Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy. It's not a massage, it's better. People keep their clothes on for the work so their body can move as the tissue let's go of pain and tension. 

When I first started doing this work, many of the people who came to see me had played football. Some of them  had old and lingering injuries. Others were complaining of headaches and feeling 'foggy' even though it was many ears ago that they played sports. They wanted to feel more like themselves again and found their way to my therapy. 

My experience working with people who have played football helped me discover that brain tissue can actually move and reorganize when we relate to it in a gentle, holistic way. That really got my attention and blew my my mind because with that simple movement or untwisting, people felt calmer, more focused, clear, and most of all, their pain and physical problems disappeared. This discovery is one of the reasons why I'm dedicated to helping football players get the help they need.
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Position: Manager: Training & Quality Assurance
InMotion Hosting team
member since: May 2010
Surprisingly, I didn't go to school for any kind of computers or technology. I actually went to school to be a pastor. I had created a few website and played around with Linux at home, but nothing professionally. InMotion allowed me my first opportunity in the web hosting field. I started out in Tier 1 Technical Support, and quickly moved to Tier2C, Team Lead, and finally to the Training department. 
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