Our Interview Process

Explore: Explore our Employment Blog to learn about who we are and what it’s like to work at InMotion Hosting.

Apply: Head to our Position Openings page and apply to any jobs that best match your skill set. If you are a fit for the position, a Recruiter will be in contact with you, and will be your main point of contact through the entire recruitment process.

Assessment: Based on the position you’ve applied for, the initial step could be a questionnaire or a phone screen with a Recruiter or hiring manager. Phone screens can last between 20-60 minutes depending on the position.

Interview: If you are selected to move forward in the interview process, you will meet with the hiring manager onsite, or through Google Hangouts. if not local. Some positions may include panel interviews with multiple members of the team.

Offer: Once the hiring manager has made their final decision, a Recruiter will be in touch with an offer letter.

Welcome: Welcome to the InMotion Hosting team! Keep an eye out for emails from your Recruiter and your new manager, we’ll be sending you everything you need to get started.

Tips To Get Hired


Easy to Read: The layout of your resume should be clear and consistent. Use bullets for each position to outline skills, responsibilities, and achievements.

Technical Skills: When applying for technical positions, be sure to highlight any technical experience you have. Even if it has only been used on a hobby level, we want to hear about it!

Experience: Be sure to give basic details about each position you’ve held. List the title, job duties, and any relevant skills gained or used in the position. Also list any results or achievements accomplished in each position such as sales results or awards received.


Research: Review the job advertisement so that you understand the requirements and responsibilities for the position. Take a look at the InMotion Hosting website and Employment page to understand who we are as a company, the products and services we provide, and what it is like to work at InMotion Hosting.

Prepare: Prepare for common interview questions before the interview. Knowing and rehearsing your strengths, weaknesses, and what your goals are will help you feel less stressed in the interview. We do provide study guides for some of our entry level or customer facing positions, be sure to read and understand the information and concepts as there may be an assessment. Prepare a list of questions to ask the interview team. If they aren’t answered during the interview, you can get further information from the team to make sure you have a clear understanding of the position and company.

Extra Tips: Although our dress code is relaxed, we ask that applicants dress professionally when interviewing. Be sure to use the address and instructions for coming onsite sent to you by your Recruiter. Try to relax during your interview, our interview teams are all very friendly! Try to be clear and concise when answering the interview team’s questions.