Web Hosting Customer Webinars

InMotion Hosting’s Customer Community Team is beginning to launch its second round of webinars.  The initial sessions were held last December and based on customer response were deemed successful.

Initial sessions were geared towards new customers and provided education and guidance with tasks that all hosting clients take part in. Attendees could see and watch the teams desktop as they guided them through the basics of the InMotion Hosting Account Management Panel, in addition to cPanel and our online Support Center. The webinars lasted 30 – 45 minutes with Q&A sessions at the end. To ask a question, users could type, use a microphone with their computer, or even call in on their cell phone! Those customers that attended found the sessions helpful and requested additional webinars on topics such as Creating a Website using WordPress or the Premium Site Builder.

Webinars are a great way to share information with multiple people at once and guide them through several useful tutorials. This tool becomes another customer support advantage that sets InMotion Hosting a part from the competition like our 24*7  US based technical support does.

Look for the next set of webinars to be held in the upcoming weeks! Messages will be posted in our Support Center (http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support) with more information on schedules and how you can join. We hope to see you there!

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Web Design Internship Opportunity

Are you a current college student looking to expand your web design portfolio and obtain hands on experience to build your resume? Would you like the opportunity to work with industry professionals learning the tricks of the trade?

InMotion Hosting has a Web Design Internship opportunity in the Virginia Beach, VA office. Interested students should be eligible to receive college credit for their internship experience. To apply please submit a resume and website design examples to va-design@inmotionhosting.com.


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IMH- Hosting Sales Associate Insight

Each quarter we bring insight on what it is like to work in the different teams within InMotion Hosting. This month we spoke with Adam Block a member of the Hosting Sales Team.

What interested you in a sales position with IMH?

I had been a hosting client of companies for years. I wanted a chance to see hosting from the other side. It also was guaranteed to be a daily learning experience which I love.

What aspect of your position do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy walking people through the process that I undertook when I was hosting my own websites. From this perspective, I can show people that there are people in the industry who have had the same fears and concerns getting started. I enjoy seeing the daily efforts of our company to better server its clients. The online Community Support Center is one such effort.

Can you tell us about your first hosting sale.

While I do not remember a specific sale, I do remember being extremely nervous. This was my first sales job. Those weeks during training were a whirlwind of information and contacts.

The Sales Team seems to be a tight-knit group. Can you tell us about the team work in the department.

The most import factor that attributes to our success is the knowledge we obtain on a daily basis. We converse about things we learn and steps to ensure better customer service per-sale. It doesn’t hurt that we are all awesome people as well.

We hold many associate activities, which one would you say has been the most memorable for you thus far?

The most memorable experience was the company dinner and dance. Celebrating 10 years with the guys who created this business was amazing. I danced quite a bit if I remember correctly. We also got profit sharing checks as we are an employee owned and operated business. They do not have to do that and yet they do anyways.

                                                                                       Adam Block- IMH Sales Associate


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Califorina Office Is Growing!

It’s exciting times at InMotion Hosting. The California team is growing and we are seeking top talent like yourself to fill our seats.

New Openings:

  • Marketing Manager-Web Hosting Products
  • Linux Systems Representative
  • Developer
  • Junior Developer
  • Image Automation Programmer
  • Interface/Comp Designer

How do you apply? Send your resume directly to hr@inmotionhosting.com


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