Is Web Development your Strength?

The formal definition of a Web Developer may be described as a person who is responsible for the development of web and network applications that connect over HTTP from a web browser or server.

But here at IMH our Web Developers create automated resources that assist our customers with increased management of their websites and provide our team members with cool tools that allow them to service the customer and each other in an effective way. 

Working with some of the most popular technologies like AJAX, Linux, Unix, PHP, MySQL and Perl, our development associates are able to create new, exciting and useful tools to assist with the company's growth mode.

We know the world thinks of it as just development but here at IMH we fully understand it takes a keen set of skills and talent to create the platform, databases and tools that keep our customers and team members moving.

So if you want to Create and not just Develop IMH is the place for you!

Check out our career opportunities under job openings.

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Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday of May and is an acknowledgment of Armed Forces members who lost their lives in the line of duty. Below are some additional facts about Memorial Day.

  • First celebrated on May 30, 1868
  • Starting in the 1950′s soldiers place flags on the 260,000 plus gravesites in Arlington National Cemetery on the Thursday  before Memorial day, then the Cemetery is patrolled 24 hours each day on the weekend to assure the flags remain upright
  • The memorial day flower is Red Poppies
  • It was first called “Decoration Day” because of the practice of decorating soldier’s graves with flowers
  • The 1st state to officially recognize Memorial Day is New York

InMotion Hosting Salutes those members of the Armed Forces that gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.

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Newly Hired Support Tech Speaks Out

Wonder what it's like to be a new support team member at InMotion Hosting? Mark Hall who joined the IMH family on April 18th answers a few questions for us.

Overall, how has your IMH expereince been so far?    Great! Everyone has been great and very helpful. I was quite nervous my first day on the floor, but everyone around me made me feel very welcome and was helpful. That was huge to me!

As an associate you get a free hosting account, have you started using it yet?    Yes! I am making a Joomla gaming information site that my wife enjoys managing.

Technically, what skills do you think you sharpened during training?    My console and Linux skills. My ability to respond and answer questions is also improving. I am starting to "think faster" on my feet…or my seat that is.

Were you introduced to any new skills/concepts during training?    Yes, very much so. The advanced use of open source software and workflow management is awesome.

With each customer compliment, "kudo" you get you earn $10, what is your kudo goal for your first month on the floor?    Gonna go for one a day I suppose.

What do you think about Free Lunch Tuesday?    Hey…who can complain about free lunch?! Awesome!


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Don’t Take Our Word

It is not a secret that here at IMH we stand behind our products/services because we know that our Team Members are SMART


and provide CONSISTENT quality customer service.





But you may think we are bias, so please don't take our word…check it out for yourself at the link below. Learn about our position on service, scroll down the page and check out the awards we have received from top notch organizations. Oh, and don't forget to check out the customer testimonials!

So if you want to work for a GREAT COMPANY or have a great company HOST and DESIGN your WEBSITE, we are the right choice for you.

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InMotion Hosting’s Development Team is Growing!

As a result of our continued customer and internal growth, our web development team is expanding. Here at IMH our developers are essential to building tools that provide automation, data tracking and reporting capabilities for the day/day operations inside of our company in addition to developing customer facing applications.

The successful management candidate will have:

  • Web Development experience

  • Expertise in Linux/BSD/Unix languages and databases

  • Experience with modern front end techniques; AJAX is required

  • Team Management

  • Expert level in PHP, MySQL, and Perl

To Apply:

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