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Due to continued growth in our customer base our Support Department is looking for talented team members to not only put their technical and customer service skills to use but who are interested in opportunities to grow. We have Part Time and Full Time Positions available. Please see our New Technical Support Team Members page for more detail.

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An Interview with Trey, our Newest System Administrator

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Trey, our Newest System Administrator. He's been in Systems now for two weeks, and here's a little of what he's had to say about the experience thus far.


What's your best quality you think has helped you rise from Tier 1 Tech Support to System Administration?
When I was in college I worked at a call center so I had that type of experience already. While in college I also answered a lot of email and organized my own type of online forum. While I didn't have experience with Linux, in general my experience with the internet and Microsoft products was helpful, even though it was like learning a different language.

I know personally there are several people within the company that I owe a great deal to for sharing their knowledge and guidance with me. There are so many skills and so much knowledge that must be known to move up, is there anyone here specifically that helped you gain that knowledge?
Yeah, Brandon was my Tier2 and he was great at making me phrase my question in a way that it was something he could teach me, or actually do himself.  Like when you Google, sometimes you have to phrase things in just the right way so you can get the right results back. I think sometimes that can be difficult for a Tier 1 .Tim, in Systems at the time, was also great with advice on how to get things done that were not necessarily obvious or documented internally.

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New Facility

IMH's VA team members will be moving to their new office location in a few months.

We are excited about this physical expansion and all the extra elbow room we will have!

Want to join us? 

Check out our open positions under "Job Openings"

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