Cheap Dedicated Server Plans for Your Business

Searching for cheap Dedicated Servers can be a challenge. Can you really find a reliable, cheap Dedicated Server Hosting company? Will you sacrifice quality over cost? These are all very important concerns and questions.

Yes, there is such a thing as reliable Dedicated Server Hosting. InMotion Hosting provides top-of-the-line servers where you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is on the best possible hardware and software. If you need help, InMotion Hosting offers professional, US based, technical support to assist you with every need along the way.

Features of an InMotion Dedicated Server

Quality Hardware

High quality hardware is the foundation of every server. This is why we only use the best server hardware and spend countless hours testing each machine to ensure that your website runs at optimal speed and performance. All of our machines are professionally built with premium grade hardware that we carefully select to maximize performance, stability and reliability.

Web Hosting Specific Operating System

CentOS was built specifically for web hosting and it is our operating system of choice. We paired it with the industry gold standard for control panels, cPanel, which we include for free with all of our Dedicated Servers. Using prime software on our servers helps support your website run more smoothly, even at high traffic volume. As CentOS is a costless software, we can pass all of the savings to you. This gives us the ability to offer reliable and cheap Dedicated Server Hosting.

Professional Support Team

Our expert support representatives are experienced in server administration, design, database management, and programming. We work with experts across all the field as we believe that every background is unique and brings expertise and knowledge to solving the most complex issues. Our Managed Hosting and Advanced Product Support (APS) Teams are perfect examples of this expertise and they are here to support your Dedicated Server Hosting needs.

More About InMotion Hosting's Support Team

Decades of experience has given us the knowledge and expertise to come alongside and answer your questions and concerns. Being experts in MySQL, PHP, and Apache, our top-of-the-line, 24/7, USA-based support team stands by ready to assist you with whatever you may need.

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