Unlimited Dedicated Server Features & Support

InMotion does not offer unlimited data transfer. We understand the appeal of such an offering, but decide not to choose it because we understand that it is indeed a misleading claim.

Instead, we set limits to protect each of our customers from being affected by abuses from a few individuals.

Unlimited Offerings

While we don't offer unlimited data transfer, we do give all of our customers a slew of other unlimited features to help you manage your server and customers.

MySQL Databases

FTP Accounts

cPanel Sub-Accounts

With unlimited MySQL databases, you can install as many blogs, shopping carts, or any other platforms that require a database.

Have multiple users on your server? Create as many FTP accounts to give them all access.

If you are hosting reseller, create cPanel accounts for your customers so that they can easily manage their server settings.

Email Accounts

Separate Websites

Parked Domains

Create as many email accounts that you need. There is no need to worry about running out of email accounts as you grow.

Create multiple websites under one account with separate domain names for each one!

The more websites you have, the more domains you will have. You have the option of pointing all of those to one main domain.

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