What Is A Dedicated Server Reseller?

A Dedicated Server Reseller is a person or business that sells web hosting to their clients using a Dedicated Server and WHMCS or VM specific operating system to divvy up resources to individual users.

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Perhaps you gained a lot more clients than expected, or perhaps one of your clients is growing faster than anticipated, and as a result you're starting to get overage emails.
A VPS hosting solution is intended to satisfy the needs of an intermediate user or application; however, at some point you may need more than what a VPS solution can provide, which means additional charges.
Some users prefer the flexibility and absolute control of installing and managing their own Operating System. One common option is to run your own Hypervisor and create Virtual Private Servers for your clients.

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Dedicated Server Reseller Requirements:

Upgrading to a Dedicated Server can help both you and your clients by providing more bandwidth, CPU horsepower, RAM, fast SSD storage to divvy up to your users. Doing so allows you to avoid CPU, RAM and Storage overage issues because you set those limits for your customers with a Dedicated Server. What if you see RAM usage increasing on your server and want more? Unlike some hosts, when you want more RAM for your customers, you can easily add more rather than buying a new plan.

Hosts may have limited Operating System options for VPS; however, you can pair one of our KVMs to our Dedicated Servers then install and manage the operating system of your choice. If you get our custom out of the box Dedicated Server installed with CentOS, then you can take advantage of our managed hosting services.

If you’re planning to make the change and have cPanel already, you can transfer over your clients or use the 2-4 hours of free time with our managed hosting team. Unlike some Hosts, we also provide cPanel and WHM for Free!

Is it possible to make more money from a single Dedicated Server? Depending on your clients’ needs, having more resources to offer each client on a Dedicated Server gives you the freedom to sell more accounts with the same fixed cost. We offer powerful and customizable servers ranging from our High Performance Dedicated Servers Line to our Commercial Class Dedicated Servers to meet your needs.

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