• With cPanel domain management, website owners can manage all of their website properties from a single control panel interface.

    • Subdomains

    Sub-domains provides an easy way to organize large websites with varying topics. cPanel's subdomain interface allows the website owner to quickly create and view all subdomains.

    • Redirects

    cPanel allows website owners to create either Permanent 301 or Temporary 302 redirects through its control panel. This easy to use feature means anyone can redirect webpages without needing to create or modify an htaccess file.

    • Addon Domains

    Addon Domains allows website owners to host more than 1 domain on their hosting account. Any new domains will show up as part of their server file structure. cPanel lets users define addon domains as well as new the FTP user associated with that account.

    • Simple DNS Zone Editor

    The control panel interface for adding and modifying A and CNAME records makes defining new records a breeze. Simply select a domain, and fill in the new information in the A and CNAME records area.

    • Parked Domains

    Website owners who own multiple domains can easily point unused domains to their primary domain. The owner simply needs to ensure that the DNS server for the unused domain is properly pointed to the primary domain. Then all the user needs to do is add the unused domain and click on “Add Domain” to enable a parked domain.

    You can view all the features that cPanel has to offer here.