• With cPanel, it is possible to create entire backups of your website. This means you can package up and download files directly from your server to your personal computer.

    • What backups are possible?
      • Home Directory
      • Email Forwarders
      • Email Filters
      • SQL Databases

    This means that in the event that files become corrupt, a website owner can simply upload the backups, or the entire website platform. Even if a CMS platform becomes damaged, whether it is an errant file or the database itself, a backup copy can be uploaded and restored in a few seconds. This means that with periodic updates, website owners can never worry about losing their online presence.

    Scheduling Backups

    With cPanel, it is possible to setup CRON jobs to automate when your backups occur. This takes out the hassle of remembering to perform a backup. Website owners will now know when the last backup was completed.

    Moving From Another Host to InMotion Hosting

    cPanel also makes it possible it is possible to copy an entire cPanel user account too! That means website owners can package up their entire website files and folders including MySQL databases, and move them over to an InMotion Hosting account. Changing web hosts is that easy.

    To learn more about how InMotion can help you switch hosting companies, give our sales team a call at (888) 321-4678. Or you can view all the other features that cPanel offers here.

cPanel Backup Feature

Stay safe. Get the best cPanel backup feature for your site and data.