Protect Your Right to a Free Internet with SaaS

Over the last decade hyperscale cloud providers have dominated the Internet. The giant cloud companies have shown to be poor custodians of their customers' data, interests, and futures. They are harvesting their customers' sales data to build their own products and build their own competing software-as-a-service offerings off the backs of hardworking, small open source software projects. The mega cloud providers have created a less free, open Internet leaving customers wondering if there is an alternative software product or application.

OpenStack is the only enterprise-grade, fully open source solution for building your own private cloud. At InMotion, our core mission is to support a more free, open Internet. We are making OpenStack more accessible, flexible, and affordable. Our innovative Flex Metal Cloud platform makes OpenStack a true open source competitor to the big private clouds with on-demand hardware provisioning, usage-based billing, and flexible scaling. This includes OpenStack's great features and functionality for both the cloud-native application stack and legacy infrastructure without vendor lock-in, licensing, or anti-competitive incompatibilities with other providers or solutions.

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Key Program Benefits

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Offset Starter Costs

Opening a new Region? Trying out a new suite of OpenStack Projects? We can help you get started with Cloud Credits.

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New Products Faster

Clouds are not just VMs and Storage anymore. New services validated regularly for potential inclusion in your offering.

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Market Insights

Work with other leaders on strategy and forward business models. Includes regular technical previews and market studies.

Declare Your Cloud Independence

Take control of your own infrastructure

Manage Your Costs

Many application developers and software providers have struggled to manage their costs on the mega cloud platforms. The following items may be happening to your IT Team:

  • Sudden rush in traffic or burst of growth
  • Lack of resources to manage provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Cloud deployments using more resources than you committed to using

Optimize your Hardware

Public Clouds were not built for your specific use case. To get the best performance and cost efficiency for your application stack, you must take control of the infrastructure you use to run your services. Our Flex Metal Cloud platform uses the latest hardware components and technology:

  • NVMe SSDs for enhanced storage speed
  • Custom design your cloud infrastructure with our Reserve Pool by selecting parts from our catalog to meet your needs

Flex Metal Cloud never has overage fees, and your unit of usage - a physical hardware node - naturally protects you against unexpected usage or provisioning, and our on-demand automated deployment system still gives you the flexibility to scale your resources up or down based on your needs. You can also manage hardware budgets for your clouds to give your teams the ability to build clouds that meet their unique needs without having to worry about spending too much.

Build the Platform You Desire

Spread your risk with a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud architecture

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Protect Your Uptime

Spread your infrastructure over multiple providers to avoid a single point of failure.

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Specialize Infrastructure Needs

A private cloud can give you the same amount of cloud resources as a big public cloud provider at a significantly lower cost.

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Achieve High Performance

Take control of the infrastructure you've built to run your services in order to receive the best performance and cost-efficiency.

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Customize your Cloud Performance

Optimize your OpenStack configuration to give your workloads the resources they need without overloading your physical machines.

Explore Components of Flex Metal Cloud

Delivered on-demand and individually scalable

Take Your Platform to the Next Level

We strive to make the transition to Flex Metal Cloud seamless and assist you every step of the way.

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Infrastructure Success

As you become successful and attract more users for your winning application or software, make sure your cloud can keep up.

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Tailor-made Infrastructure

Experienced software providers know that the best success comes from building your own infrastructure to meet your needs.

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Optimized Use Case

To get the best performance for your users and the best value for your infrastructure budget, pick hardware and software that is optimized for your use case.

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High Performance

NVMe SSD's are the go-to solution for fast storage and high-performance databases. NVMe for SSDs was built from the ground up for fast read and write speed.

We strive to make the transition to Flex Metal Cloud seamless and assist you every step of the way.

Is Flex Metal right for your company?

Comprehensive FAQs

Review our detailed FAQs on the platform, automation, on-boarding and Day 2 Operations.

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