Stronger Together with Open Source

OpenStack Public Cloud Providers have been experiencing high pressure from the continuously growing mega clouds. InMotion Hosting believes in applying the Open Source way to a service that can bridge the gap and compete in scale with mega clouds.

OpenStack is the core and future of InMotion Hosting. We use OpenStack in various ways including, but not limited to:

  • Provision, clean, and update hardware
  • Provide networking and firewall functionality to access services
  • Internal projects

We use OpenStack and Ceph as the Cloud Core of our Infrastructure as a Service offering. With the current investment and knowledge of OpenStack and our current scale from hosting, VPS, and dedicated server customers, we have realized we can also be a part of how Open Source can compete with mega clouds. Join our OpenStack Public Cloud Provider Program to support your product competitiveness, improve costs, and embrace your unique models.

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Key Program Benefits

Offset Starter Costs

Expand to new Regions and try out a new suite of OpenStack Projects. We provide special agreements and unique pricing models to new providers.

New Products Faster

Clouds are not just virtual machines and storage anymore. New services are validated regularly for potential inclusion in your offering.

Market Insights

Work with other leaders on strategy and innovative business models. This includes regular technical previous and market studies.

Lower Cloud Costs with Flex Metal Cloud

Our mission is to lower your per-unit costs through VM, GB storage, IOPs, or Gbit bandwidth than what you're currently paying. We've accounted for everything that is included in your hard and soft cost purchases.

  • Select, design, test, and negotiate for servers, routers, core switches, ToRs.
  • Available spare hardware and service controls to mitigate failures such as SSDs reaching wear limits.
  • Select and negotiate Colocation, Data Center buildout, bandwidth, peering, and cross-connects, times 3 for redundancy and out-of-band connections.
  • Increase target usage of your Data Center space and power.
  • Setup, test, and bring firmware up to date.

Based on our current data from OpenStack-based public cloud providers, with the scale we have in our Ashburn/Washington DC data centers, we can lower costs significantly for almost all providers.

Private Cloud IaaS


Scale On-Demand

As we scale to other locations, expect additional scale savings.


Build Together

We ensure your products and solutions are built right and ready for customers.


Offer More Products

You have a catalog of validated hardware to choose from.

Become More Competitive in the Public Cloud Marketplace

Learn about the advantages of Flex Metal Hosted Infrastructure as a Service

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Offer More Locations

Launch a new location quickly with a strong global footprint, and with only 3 servers to start with. We provide PoC credits to offset startup costs.

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Go to Market Faster

The "Cloud Core" of Flex Metal Clouds are full OpenStack and Ceph Hyper-Converged clusters that deploy in about 30 minutes.

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Offer More Products

Offer customers IOPs NVMe block storage, low-cost spinner based Object storage, and GPU based VMs. Catalog hardware can also be sold as bare metal.

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Massive Scale Network

Flex Metal Clouds sit within pods and each pod has large scale DDOS Protection, 200Gbits of connectivity, and up to 20Gbits to each hardware node.

Best-in-Class Ecosystem Integrations and Partners

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  • Terraform Logo
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Embrace Your Unique Offering

The InMotion Hosting mission is to be additive to the OpenStack Public Cloud Provider ecosystem.

Your OpenStack Cloud

Each Flex Metal Cloud has its own private control plane. Select CPU and RAM subscription ratios, and add OpenStack Projects in minutes to match your product offering.

Ceph Block Storage

Select from a validated hardware library that supports a variety of setups for network-based block storage, high IOPS local LVM storage, and massive RAM VMs for your cloud.

IP Blocks in ASN

Flex Metal Cloud supports IP block reassignment in your ASN to our ASN for announcing your IP blocks from our routers. Learn more by reading Arin’s Reassignment Process.

Add Region

With you having a full control plane, you have many options like "Add Region" for integrating this new location into your product offering.

Is Flex Metal right for your company?

Comprehensive FAQs

Review our detailed FAQs on the platform, automation, on-boarding and Day 2 Operations.

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