Opensource On-Demand Cloud

Harness the power of OpenStack to build private clouds at any size, on-demand. Spin up a hyper-converged Private Cloud Core (PCC) cluster with compute and storage. In minutes vs weeks or days.

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OpenStack setup in Minutes

Flex Metal brings enterprise level on-demand OpenStack to businesses of all sizes.

Start small. Scale big.

No longer restricted to just enterprise users or big budgets.

Go-to-Market Faster

Enterprise level infrastructure to support your market expansion.

Control Costs

Reduce or eliminate your capital expenses. No unpredictable bills.

Secure and Private

Infrastructure that is built with privacy-first in mind.

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An on-demand private cloud is just minutes away. Create a free account to test drive a cloud and more.

Launch Your Private Cloud

Provision OpenStack Private Clouds on-demand. Go from zero to new VMs in about 45 minutes.

Test Drive/PoC Credits

Migrating a large deployment or pricing out a new project? Test Drives and Proof of Concept Credits available now!

Need Help?

Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.

An opensource option

It has not been very practical and cost efficient to implement enterprise level opensource IaaS. The resources time and budgets required made it almost impossible for smaller enterprises and teams to even get started.

That is why InMotion Hosting developed Flex Metal, a cost-effective and scalable Private Cloud that is available on-demand utilizing one of the most supported and industry accepted open source technologies for infrastructure as a service.

Now there is a viable on-demand opensource alternative to the mega clouds.

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InMotion Hosting is a proud corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation

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Delivered on-demand and individually scalable.

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