Bring IT Modernization to Your Business

As the new “Cloud First” world matures, more and more efficiencies are coming to pass. To leverage these efficiencies, the IT Team and how it deploys and manages resources must change. Some companies make a leap, some like to step into the changes.

As you are evaluating how to make this change, private cloud Infrastructure as a Service has emerged as a new leading option for medium to large size companies.

  • Private first mentality, but on-demand hardware, this scales like a public cloud
  • Lower and more predictable costs than public cloud
  • Easy hybrid deployments, use of bare metal is native to Flex Metal Cloud
  • Empowers existing IT Team to retain the competitive advantage of your people
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Key Program Benefits

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Offset Starter Costs

Opening a new Region? Trying out a new suite of OpenStack Projects? We can help you get started with Cloud Credits.

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New Products Faster

Clouds are not just VMs and Storage anymore. New services validated regularly for potential inclusion in your offering.

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Market Insights

Work with other leaders on strategy and forward business models. Includes regular technical previews and market studies.

Enhance the Speed of your IT Team

Flex Metal Cloud gives you complete control over your private cloud. This is developed to meet your team's needs and requirements.

  • Increase Your Team’s Efficiency with Modern Tools
  • Cloud First Deployments
  • Catalog of Validated Extensions for your private cloud
  • On-Demand Hardware for Most Use Cases:
    • Small and Large Standard Compute
    • Mid, High, Ultra High IOPS Storage
    • Mid and High IOPS HA storage
    • Large Scale Warm Data Storage
    • AI and ML (coming soon with GPUs)

IT Teams should always be prepared for the unexpected, and have the ability to collaborate from any location to increase productivity. Flex Metal Private Cloud will provide your team with the necessary tools and resources for success.

By switching to Flex Metal Cloud, you'll no longer have to worry about having too much or too little. You can scale on-demand as your business needs grow.

Empower your IT Team with Open Source

Moving to a Private Cloud will increase your IT Team efficiency. OpenStack deployments are here to help.

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Automated Deployments

Increase security and save your IT Team both time and money.

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CI/CD Development Pipelines

Leverage automation in agile product development processes.

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VDI or Remote Desktops

Develop an architecture that offers predictable cost, enhanced performance, and the ability to scale.

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Easy Hybrid Infrastructure

Adapt and change direction quickly to gain a competitive advantage.

Explore Components of Flex Metal Cloud

Delivered on-demand and individually scalable

Transition on your Schedule

We strive to make the transition to Flex Metal Cloud seamless and assist you every step of the way

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Your OpenStack Cloud

Each Flex Metal Cloud has its own private control plane. Add OpenStack Projects to match your unique offering. Select your CPU and RAM subscription ratios.

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Ceph Block Storage

Select from a validated hardware library that supports a wide variety of setups for networked based block storage, high IOPS local LVM storage, and massive RAM VMs with your cloud.

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IP Blocks in ASN

Flex Metal Cloud supports reassignment of IP blocks in your ASN to our ASN for announcing your IP blocks from our routers. Learn more by reading Arin’s Reassignment Process.

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Add Region

With you having a full control plane, you have many options like "Add Region" for integrating this new location into your product offering. Support Open Source with InMotion Hosting.

Please contact our Product Manager or our company President from within Flex Metal Central or connect via LinkedIn.

Is Flex Metal right for your company?

Comprehensive FAQs

Review our detailed FAQs on the platform, automation, on-boarding and Day 2 Operations.

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