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Build and test out your Proof of Concept (POC) on Flex Metal Cloud using Free FLEX Cloud Credits. Who is this right for? Are you a sysadmin, developer advocate, business or university...

  • Looking for alternative and quick solutions to spin up secure clouds with full governance
  • With a complex implementation that you would like to migrate to a Hosted Private Cloud
  • That is invested in learning and developing on OpenStack
  • With ever burgeoning public cloud bills
  • Needing to bolster your research clouds with a robust private cloud that you can burst into

Then Flex Metal Cloud is right for you. Apply below to start the process to reserve your Free Flex Cloud Credits.

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Not sure where to get started? Review our comprehensive Sales FAQs for details on the platform, automation, onboarding, and Day 2 Operations. We even cover the benefits of Hosted vs. On-Premise IaaS among other things.