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Select different building blocks to achieve needed performance and cost. Modify Scenarios to fit your preferences.

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Reserve from $200 to $10,000+ of Cloud Credits towards building your first Flex Metal Cloud. Apply Now.

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Have specific performance needs or cost per VM or GB goals? Connect with an Account Manager for help.

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Get Free Credits for a PoC

Building a Proof of Concept(PoC)? You could qualify to get Free Flex Cloud Credits ranging from $200 to $10,000+.

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The fastest way to get familiar with Flex Metal is to take a free test drive of our Hyper-Converged Small Cluster.

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Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.

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Start with just 3 servers

Flex Metal private clouds are based on a hyper-converged starter cluster comprised of three servers. The two starter Private Cloud Cores (PCC's) available are Hyper-Converged Small and Hyper-Converged Standard.

Start with three. Scale to thousands.

Do you have custom hardware requirements?

Custom hardware options are available for specific business models. Discuss your IT needs with our Cloud Solutions team to get more information.

Do you have a Target Cost per VM?

Our Cloud Solutions Team will work with you to understand your requirements and then map out the best Flex Cloud solution for your targeted cost per VM or targeted cost per GB of storage.

Get Started with a Free Flex Metal Central Account to get access to a free test drive, free cloud credits or to start the conversation to get custom quotes.

Free Flex Cloud Credits

We make it easy for you to get started with your first Flex Metal Cloud by using Free Flex Cloud Credits to build your Proof of Concept (POC). Credit availability ranges from $200 to $10,000+ and is subject to an application process.


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