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Starter Clusters - Private Cloud Cores

All Flex Metal Clouds start with a Private Cloud Core. For eligible organizations, individuals, and Open Source Partners, Private Cloud Cores are free of charge for Non-Production uses. Access to free time is based on your current or future Production Deployment Spend and hardware availability. New customers without billing history may start at our lower free time tier. Eligibility and Usage Restrictions.

Cloud Core - Small

Perfect for small production clouds, test clouds, and training purposes.

  • 3 Small Servers
  • 140 vCPUs
  • 180GB vRAM
  • 2X1Gbit Uplinks



then $24.96/day
or $597.60*/30

Cloud Core - Standard

The key building block to high performance clouds for most use-cases.

  • 3 Standard Servers
  • 320 vCPUs
  • 410GB vRAM
  • 3.2TB HA NVMe SSD
  • 2X10Gbit Uplinks



then $56.64/day
or $1353.60*/30

Cloud Core - Large

Ultimate power for very large clouds or networking intense deployments.

  • 3 Large Servers
  • 1100 vCPUs
  • 1320GB vRAM
  • 3.2TB HA NVMe SSD
  • 2X10Gbit Uplinks


then $103.44/day
or $2476.80*/30

*30 Day usage discounted by 20%. Additional discounts of up to 25% are available with Term Agreements.

Production Deployment Pricing Calculator

Private Cloud Pricing is by hardware unit and you can set strict limits on the cost of any of your Clouds. A key to your team's success is the ability to scale up and down easily and to do so with transparent and predictable costs. All pricing is for self managed. Managed services, additional savings, and move in credits are available from Sales with Term Agreements.

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