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Object Storage with Ceph

All Flex Metal Clouds come with Ceph based Block and Object Storage supplied by the Private Cloud Core (PCC). The S3 Compatible Ceph Object Gateway is accessible independent of OpenStack or through OpenStack. In addition, you can provision independent Object Storage deployments including 1+ petabytes on-demand.

Ceph Object Storage on Flex Metal Cloud

Enterprise scalable storage now available on-demand to businesses of all sizes

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Hardware Options

High I/O NVMe, blended NVMe and spinners, or large spinner deployments accelerated with NVMe.

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Launch Safely

Spin up test clouds, create safe learning environments, run Proof of Concepts. Flex Metal enables you to have separate clouds easily.

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Converged Storage

Ceph optionally unifies file, block and object storage. This can save you time and money depending on your deployment needs.

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S3 Compatible

Object storage functionality with an interface that works with the Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) RESTful API.

Full Admin to Leverage all the Power of Ceph Storage Systems

Flex Metal's Object Storage Component is powered by Ceph, an open-source enterprise software storage platform. Ceph provides exabyte level storage with no single point of failure, resulting in a completely distributed operation. All Flex Metal Clouds give you full root access to all members of the deployment. This is your infrastructure and we do not have access unless you add us to help with something. This allows you to configure Ceph for your specific use cases.

  • Control your replication levels, Erasure Coding options, even Compression on the Fly options.
  • Use your NVMe drives as fast storage or accelerate large scale spinner deployments.
  • Replicate an existing Ceph Cluster to this cluster for DR purposes.
  • Replicate this cluster out to another Flex Metal Cloud or to any other Ceph Cluster you adminster
  • Your Ceph Storage Cluster will be provisioned with the latest stable Nautilus or choose a bare metal deployment to select your own version.

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