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On-Demand Private Cloud

Cloud based Compute and Storage are native and included with all Flex Metal Clouds. In fact, the core of a Flex Metal Cloud is a Hyper-Converged OpenStack Cloud. This means that each Flex Metal Cloud you spin up already has full Private Cloud capabilities right from the start.

Each Flex Metal Cloud comes with a Private Cloud Core. The Private Cloud Core is a 3 or 5 server Hyper-Converged OpenStack Cloud that includes Compute and Storage plus the Private Networking and the Cloud Control Plane for this individual Flex Metal Cloud. Individual Flex Metal Clouds can be controlled separately or unified as Regions under one overall Private Cloud Core.

Private Cloud Scaling Options

When you are ready to grow add just what you need.

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Converged Nodes

Very cost effective when workloads need both Compute and Storage.

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Compute Nodes

Scale these up when you have RAM and CPU intensive workloads.

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Storage Nodes

Scale these separately when workloads are disk space intensive.

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Bare Metal

There is a time and place for Bare Metal. When you need it, add it to your Private Network on demand.

Multi-Cloud and Multi-Region Ready

Make choices based on what is right for your requirements.

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Multiple Separate Clouds

Spin up separate Flex Metal Clouds that meet specific cost, security, performance, or other requirements.

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Unified Cloud with Regions

Need multiple Clouds in different Regions but want central control? That is native to Flex Metal Clouds.

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Ultra Connected

Aggregate internet bandwidth of 200gbits and direct public cloud peering. Up to 20gbits down to individual servers.

Get Started with Flex Metal Cloud

Sign up for a free Flex Metal Central Account and...

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Get Free Credits for a PoC

Building a Proof of Concept(PoC)? You could qualify to get Free Flex Cloud Credits ranging from $200 to $10,000+.

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Take a Free Test Drive

The fastest way to get familiar with Flex Metal is to take a free test drive of our Hyper-Converged Small Cluster.

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Get a Free Consultation

Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.

Powered by OpenStack

Flex Metal's Private Cloud Core (PCC) is a cost-effective and scalable private cloud that is available on-demand and is powered by one of the most supported and industry accepted open source technologies for infrastructure as a service.

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Escape the Public Clouds

Flex Metal brings cost effective on-demand hosted private cloud to businesses of all sizes.

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Full Governance

All components are visible to you and you have full control and governance over them.

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Private First

Starts with a Security Policy first. This is a standard Public Clouds simply can't match.

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An inherently scalable architecture with easy access to additional compute and storage.

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Pricing is available, no sales process necessary. Point, click, launch.

More Flex Metal Cloud Components

Delivered on-demand and at scale.

Is Flex Metal Right for Your Company?

Not sure where to get started? Review our comprehensive Sales FAQs for details on the platform, automation, onboarding, and Day 2 Operations. We even cover the benefits of Hosted vs. On-Premise IaaS among other things.