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Empower your company with cutting edge cloud technology that is cost effective and under your control.

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Best-in-Class Cloud Technology and Integrations

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The Speed That Changed Private Cloud

Private Cloud Time to Deploy GraphPrivate Cloud Time to Deploy
Triangle Icon Pointing Up2016
Time to deploy was commonly measured in Quarters
Time fell for market leaders, but many providers still here
Triangle Icon Pointing Up
Flex Metal V1.0 reached key "Trivial to Deploy" goal of 1 hour or less
Triangle Icon Pointing Up
Flex Metal V1.2 adds Kubernetes and lowers deployment time again.
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V1.2 Released!

Updates Included:

  • Launch Clouds in About 45 Minutes
  • Kubernetes Added
  • Load Balancers Added
Explore Features

Modern Tools, No Extra Cost

Packed with powerful tools by default and ready to customize if needed

API, CLI, GUI, Terraform, Ansible

Do you need a GUI or want Infrastructure as Code? Your Flex Metal Cloud has a rich set of access approaches and automation.

Kubernetes, VMs, Networks

Fundamental to modern Clouds are VMs, Containers, and software defined Networks. Configured and ready to go.

HA Block and Object Storage

High performance storage is key to a healthy Cloud. SATA and NMVe SSDs. Spinners for large disk needs.

Start Small, Scale Massive


Each Flex Metal Cloud deployment starts with 3 identical servers to provide Compute, HA Storage, HA private networking, and HA Cloud Control Plane services.

This unique hyper-converged platform allows for optimal costs by keeping services together at the beginning. As your needs grow, there are easy options for nearly unlimited scaling including moving the Compute and Storage to their own servers.

See Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for additional hardware details or see Global IaaS Deployment for scaling possibilities.

Escape the Public Clouds and High Priced Licensing

Our open source based cloud architecture powers a cost-effective on-demand hosted private cloud solution for businesses of all sizes.

Full Governance

Achieve full control, visibility, and governance over all cloud components.

Private First

Starts with a Security Policy first. This is a standard Public Clouds simply can't match.

Scale On-Demand

Inherently scalable architecture with easy access to additional compute and storage.

Cost Transparency

Pricing is available, no sales process necessary. Launch your private cloud in minutes.

Support Level Options

Cloud Hardware
Hardware Only

The base level of support for teams that will run their own Clouds. We want you to succeed, we will offer to help in non-hardware emergencies when resources are available.

Managed Core
Managed Core

Great for smaller teams that want to use the Cloud resources and do not want to run the Cloud itself. Look out for our new Managed Private Cloud for pricing and details.

Managed Custom
Managed Custom

Custom options are available with Agreements. All deployments are highly automated so costs are still low. Contact your Account Manager or Chat Now.

Get Started with Flex Metal Cloud

An on-demand private cloud is just minutes away. Create a free account to test drive a cloud and more.

Launch Your Private Cloud

Provision OpenStack Private Clouds on-demand. Go from zero to new VMs in about 45 minutes.

Test Drive/PoC Credits

Migrating a large deployment or pricing out a new project? Test Drives and Proof of Concept Credits available now!

Need Help?

Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.