Your Cat Escaped and Is Lost

Your cat escaped and is lost!” These were the distressing words that our Content Marketing Manager heard this past October.

As a business, having a strong online community can make all the difference. Here’s a little story to show you what we mean.

In a growing company, there are many moving parts, especially when it involves four different offices. This past summer, our Content Marketing Manager, Michelle, made the big decision to move from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Denver, Colorado. While packing, she worked with a professional animal transport company to take her cat Marlo from Virginia Beach to Denver. After getting Marlo to the transport company, Michelle began the long drive to Denver.

After a few days of driving, Michelle received a phone call stating that the animal transport company had made it to Denver and was wondering her estimated time of arrival. Unfortunately, she was still a day’s drive away. With this information, the transport company shared that they had other animals that they needed to deliver in Nevada and would circle back to deliver Marlo the following day.

The next day, Michelle arrived in Denver, and upon checking in with the animal transport company, they relunctantly shared that there was a problem. Somewhere along the drive back from Nevada, the driver had let Marlo out of his kennel into the cab of the vehicle, and when he stopped at a rest area, Marlo slipped out of the vehicle into the wide open world.

In utter shock and horror, Michelle started the search to find her Marlo. Facebook posts, online forums, animal shelters, and animal rescue agencies all were utilized to get the word out about her missing cat. Several days passed.  Michelle received some photos from those searching, but none were of Marlo. The search continued, and a month and a half later, Michelle was contacted by an animal rescue agency with some promising news. They had seen a cat that matched Marlo’s description!

Is It Really Marlo?

After reviewing many photos, Michelle was 90% sure that it was her boy! Overly excited to bring him back home, Michelle booked a flight to Reno, Nevada. With cat carrier in hand, she arrived and set out to watch for him. After many hours of waiting, hope was reignited when she saw a cat dash by that looked just like Marlo. Michelle gently called for Marlo, and the orange tabby stopped, turned around, and looked at her. After a few minutes, the cat dashed away. Michelle, determined as ever, followed and soon found Marlo just a few hundred feet away. She sat down and talked to him for several minutes. Nearly 30 minutes passed, and Marlo didn’t come any closer. As Michelle sat and looked at Marlo, she realized that he had changed. Living out on his own for nearly two months had severely impacted him. He appeared to have been fed, but he didn’t have the same personality. It wasn’t the Marlo that Michelle had known. Michelle said goodbye, and when Marlo dashed off, it looked as though she would never see him again. Michelle left Reno, Nevada, still with a glimmer of hope as the local animal rescue agency promised that they would continue to track him and try to catch him.

Why Is This Important?

So you might ask, how does this story connect with my website and elevating my online experience? Here’s why we think it’s important.

Even though Michelle didn’t end up bringing Marlo home, without the power of an online community, it would have been nearly impossible for her to have tracked him down. The power of Facebook, online forums, and animal rescue websites allowed Michelle to track Marlo all the way to Reno, Nevada. This story is just one of countless stories of how websites have helped people around the world.

While we’re saddened with Michelle’s loss, we share this story as a way to urge you to create your very own website. Maybe it’s just for sharing your favorite recipes, interests, hobbies, or photos, but you never know how it might impact others. We leave you with this question: could your future website help someone in need?

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