Update Your Website With a Staging Plugin for WordPress

Update Your Website With a Staging Plugin for WordPress

If you are interested in how to use a staging WordPress plugin to update your website, then look no further. One of the most dangerous things that you can do when trying to update your website is to go in blindly and make changes without being sure they are going to work.

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If you make edits on the live website, your visitors may experience those changes, leaving your visitors to question whether they should trust your site or not. But with a staging site, you can set up exactly what you want, test the changes to make sure they work, and then push them out to your actual website.

What Is A Staging Website?

Before we get started, let’s talk about staging websites in general. A staging website is an exact copy of your website that cannot be seen by the general public on the Internet. This allows you to be able to make changes to the site while your original website is still live and unchanged.

You can experiment with new styles, layouts, themes, and plugins without wondering if they will break your existing site. Once you get everything looking just the way you like it and running perfectly, you can then update your website to the new version.

WordPress Staging

Many web hosting services will offer you built-in staging sites that you can access, but that isn’t the only option. There’s a new staging WordPress plugin available called WP Staging. This plugin will let you easily setup a staging website to see if it fits with your current site layout.

There are a lot of plugins that simply will not work with certain WordPress setups. The WP Staging plugin will let you try these without shutting down your site and without having to dig through your site’s code looking for problems. Before you install WP Staging, make sure to take a backup of your website in case something unexpected happens.

In order to use this plugin, first download and install it. Once you activate the plugin, you should see a tab that says “WP Staging.” Click on this tab and then click on “Create new staging site.”

How WP Staging Works

Once you have done this, it will ask for you to give this particular copy of your site a name. After you name it, simply click the “Start Cloning” button. The plugin will then create a copy of your original site, which may take a while depending on its size.

After the staging site is created, you can log in to it just as you would your regular site. In fact, it will look exactly like you are in your regular site with one exception — the admin bar at the top will be orange and will say “STAGING.” No one else will be able to see this site except you until you push it out to the live website.

Once you have tested all of the links and plugins to make sure that they are working the way you want them, you can push it live with a single click of the button and replace your old site with the new, updated version.

Staging Plugins: Safety First

Using a staging WordPress plugin is the safe choice for your site. No mechanic in his right mind would try to repair or do maintenance on a car while it was running on the road. So why try the same thing with your website?

Updating the site using a staging site is the safest way to make sure that everything is running smoothly before you turn it loose on the Internet. It’s possible to create this staging site manually, but ultimately this is time consuming and very code intensive. Instead, this WordPress staging plugin gives you the same functionality without the danger.

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