WordPress Hosting: Is It Right For You?

WordPress Hosting: Is It Right For You?

You’ve heard of WordPress hosting and, since you have a WordPress site, you may want to know: is WordPress hosting for me?

Well, you’re in luck: we’re going to go over the benefits of this type of hosting plan and help you determine if it’s for you.

In order to use WordPress hosting, you need a website built on WordPress. Whether it’s been designed by a developer or by you, it must be on WordPress.  (If it hasn’t, there are other great options for self-hosting. And if you are still in the market for a website, check out our fantastic Website Creator for WordPress.)

What’s the difference between a WordPress hosting plan and a traditional one?

This is where the payoff is when choosing to go with a WordPress-specific hosting plan. Traditional hosting plans are simply just for hosting your data. You are responsible for updating your site, security, management, and other technical oversight.

With a WordPress hosting plan, that is changed. Here are some focus points on how they differ from traditional hosting plans.

  • Managed. Hosting plans centered around WordPress are managed. This means that all the updates, security, backups, etc. are done by the hosting company. All you need to worry about is your content.
  • Support. Building a website can be tough, and doing it without support or guidance can be even tougher. Then you have hosting, which can be another stress level on top of managing the website. Any good WordPress hosting plan will have support to help you along with whatever you need, and it should be available at all times.

Another thing you should look for is guides. Does the hosting company have guides you can read or follow for building a website or answering hosting questions? Sure you can Google answers, but wouldn’t you rather have answers coming directly from the company you’re using?

  • Security. All hosting plans have security and if not, don’t dare use them. However, with a managed plan, your host is always improving the security of your data and website. Hosting companies need to stay up to date with new security issues or threats, as well as with the best ways to stop those threats or fix those issues. Due to this, the companies will be updating the security of your site as soon as there is a new update available. This again allows you to focus on your content and stress a little less.
  • Performance. When choosing a traditional hosting plan, you will be responsible for optimizing the server you are on and ensuring that the performance isn’t suffering. With a managed hosting plan there is no need to worry about those things. The hosting company will utilize their resources and enable your site to remain speedy when traffic is high. Who doesn’t love a speedy website?

Is a WordPress hosting plan right for you? If less stress, a better functioning site, world-class support, and up-to-date security is right for you, then yes. We offer a variety of options when it comes to hosting WordPress sites, and we can assist and host sites of all sizes.

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