WooCommerce Holiday Prep: 3 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site Shine

WooCommerce Holiday Prep: 3 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site Shine

Is your online store ready for holiday shoppers? If not, it’s time to do some WooCommerce holiday preparation.

The holidays are upon us! From now through Christmas, almost every retailer is going to experience an uptick in business.

The National Retail Federation expects holiday sales to grow between 3.6 and 5.2 percent this season. But with hundreds (or even thousands) of eCommerce stores competing for the same business, how can you stand out?

Throughout December, consumers are going to be looking for a store that makes things the most convenient for them. Luckily, WooCommerce makes it easy to up your retail game. There are lots of ways you can create a user-friendly shopping experience that will keep customers happy all season long. Here are some of our favorite holiday ideas:

Showcase Your Best Products

The holiday season is no time to pull the dusty overstock out of the storage closest in the hopes of finally selling it. Customers want hot ticket items, and they want them for a bargain price.

When setting up your eCommerce store for the holidays, consider which items are most likely to sell. Place those, along with your best holiday sales, right up front where people can see them.

If you have a new product you’re hoping will be a hit, start the promotions well before the actual holiday. Talk about it in your email newsletters, advertise on social media, and maybe even post a sneak-peak video. Build up the hype so your customers are ready and waiting – you can even use the WooCommerce Pre-Orders plugin to start taking orders early.

Decorate Your Website

During a time when people are feeling frazzled and strained, a little holiday cheer can go a long way. WordPress offers several holiday themes that you can use to update your site for the holidays. Some of the most popular include:

There are countless others, so you’re sure to find something that suits your vibe. You can view holiday themes in the WordPress repository.

Offer a Variety of Shipping Options

Shipping costs can be one of the top reasons customers abandon their online shopping carts. This is especially true during the holidays. And when you’re competing with the big guys like Amazon and Walmart who always offer a free shipping option, it can be tough.

The best thing you can do is offer a variety of shipping options, so the consumer can always find something to suit their needs. Free economy shipping, ship-to-store, and expedited shipping are all common offerings.

When it comes to speed, both the PluginHive FedEx Shipping plugin and the UPS Shipping plugin from PluginHive offer an easy-to-use solution for your WooCommerce site. Both automatically adjust rates based on geographic location, so the customer always gets an accurate estimate.

Now, update that site . . . and then sit back and watch those sales roll in! May your holiday season be a fruitful one.

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