Why You Should Bundle Your Website Builder and Hosting

So you’ve decided to create a website and you’re ready to move on to picking your website builder of choice. There are so many options for both a website builder and hosting. When it comes down to hosting, and knowing which plan is best, many people have a hard time deciding which company to go with.

We believe that it’s not only convenient but beneficial to bundle your hosting with the website creator of your choice. In order to find the best fit, there are certain criteria that you should look at before deciding.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you still want this process to be as easy as possible. Drag and drop website builders have been on the rise and are the choice of many website builders both new and old. They allow the building process to be streamlined and offer all the functionality of the old school coding-only websites.


Having an easy to use website builder is a must, but so is the ability to customize. It’s great to be able to put pictures, videos, and text on a page, but are you able to put them where you want? If you are unable to structure your website and each page as you wish, you won’t be able to truly build your site.


You’re going to get stuck at some point or another, and that’s the truth. Even developers who’ve been creating websites for years will get stuck. You want your website builder to have resources available for you when this happens, and they need to be easy to reach – which is also part of the “ease of use” feature.


Lastly, one of the most important features of a website is the hosting. Does the website builder offer hosting? If so, what kind and how much is it? It’s imperative to make sure that the hosting plans offered fit your needs.

An e-commerce site is going to need more space than a portfolio website and so on. If hosting is not offered, how much will it cost to host with a different company? Does using another company cause a kink in the chain or affect security?

Bundle Up

This is why we believe bundling the website builder and hosting is the best option for website developers. When we bundle both the builder and the hosting, all of your website information and data is held within one company. This eliminates any chance of outside interference or trouble.

The most popular hosting plans are shared hosting plans. When choosing a standalone hosting company, your site will be sharing a server with who knows how many others.

Mainly, your site will be sharing a server with other sites built on a slew of different platforms. Having to worry about the security of other platforms as well as yours is not something you should have to do. Again this is where bundling comes into play and proves to be the best idea.

The InMotion Website Creator

Luckily, you chose the right company to get this information. InMotion has taken all the criteria above and combined it into a great package known as the Website Creator. The Website creator consists of the following:

  • A WordPress-based website, which is the largest website builder in the world
  • Inclusion of the BoldGrid theme, which is a fully customizable drag and drop theme
  • Resources and guides to ensure your website comes out exactly as you want it
  • Hosting with one of the top web hosting companies in the world

As we have discovered, bundling your website builder and hosting with the same company is not only a great choice but an easy one. Building a website no longer needs to be difficult. Choosing a hosting shouldn’t have to be hard either. With the Website Creator you can build an amazing site and host it not only with ease, but all in one place.

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