Why WordPress Hosting is The Stuff of Dreams

WordPress is a fantastic platform, and we love it even more when it’s paired with the best WordPress hosting.

In fact, most websites you use are probably built on WordPress! The customization, the support, the flexibility…we could go on, perhaps eternally, about how awesome WordPress and WordPress hosting is.

Here are a few features that may help explain our passion:


Deciding to use WordPress is a fantastic choice when you build your website. You have an amazing amount of options and tools at your disposal during the building process. The best options are the themes and plugins. The sheer quantity of themes and plugins allow you to do basically anything you want on your website.

Being able to link your website to other programs and embed things such as PayPal pay or a music playlist is a great way to boost the look of your website. Implementing these themes and plugins can be a challenge for some, and that is what brings us to the next thing we love about WordPress.


When using a new tool that you have never used before, there is going to be a learning curve. Thankfully, because so many people use WordPress, there is help EVERYWHERE. From forums to tutorials, to videos, to local experts, and so on. We can almost guarantee that any issue you run into has been faced by thousands of others and fixed repeatedly.

Having such a large database of help is so nice when building a website. No matter what, if you run into an issue that seems to have no solution, then you still have the forums and experts to ask; somebody will know how to fix it.


Yes, the plugins and themes offer great customization for the appearance of your site. But being able to choose how the backend of your site is run is just as important. You are able to choose your own hosting company and with WordPress already being free, you don’t have to pay more to do so.  Using a WordPress site compared to the increasingly popular build-your-own-site companies is a no-brainer when it comes to the backend of your site.

However, when choosing your host you want one that has plans specifically aimed at WordPress. The best WordPress hosting plans are the ones that handle only WordPress sites. You can choose a shared or cloud or dedicated plan, but none of these is the optimum plan for a WordPress site.

Why? Well, they are more focused on the storage and usage of your site, rather than the platform it is on. With a WordPress plan, you have people who are masters of WordPress monitoring and available for help. This means even more support, more answers, more awesome to help your site be the best it can.

Best WordPress Hosting is Within Reach

When you start looking for the best WordPress hosting, you will discover many companies that claim to offer it. And since most hosting companies now offer website builders, look to answer these questions: Is it run on WordPress? What does it include? Does it come with the hosting plan?

When you look at InMotion Hosting and our WordPress plan, you will see that we offer a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, low cost, and the option to use our WordPress-based Website Creator.  We understand the difficulties of running a site and maintaining it, and we want to add to the support you already receive when using WordPress to build your site.

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