Why Podcasts Are the New Blogs

For years now, the industry standard for engaging with an audience has been to create a blog –but it looks like those tides are turning. A quick search on Google Trends will show you that “podcast” is on an upward trend while “blog” is steadily heading down.

Why is that? Well, podcasts certainly aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been around for years. What is new is the way that people acquire and consume media?

We live in a world of convenience now more than ever before. People want on-demand content, and they don’t want to have to work for it. In fact, one study showed that over 41% of millennials say they won’t read content if it is “too long.”

Here are a few more reasons we think podcasts are about to take over the content marketing scene:

The rise of the smartphone

Smartphones have been around for years now, but it’s only recently that they started to morph into the phenomenon that they are now. They’re completely changing the way people do business. These days, consumers are more likely than ever to do everything on their mobile devices, from shopping to appointment setting.

What’s that mean for podcasts? Well, people are also more likely to consume their media on the go. As an example, Edison Research found that 36% of Americans had listened to podcasts in 2016 – and 64% of them did so on a mobile device. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that not nearly as many people are reading blogs on their phones.

They’re the perfect easy-access media

Podcasts offer never-before-seen convenience, variety, and accessibility to consumers. One can listen to their favorite content while they’re driving to the office, running on the treadmill, or walking the dog.

It’s the perfect fit for today’s on-demand generation. Because for people that have grown up with media outlets like Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu, convenience isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Frankly, they just don’t have the time to read your 700-word blog.

They’ve grown in scope

Back in the day, when podcasts first emerged, they were limited in variety and scope. They started out like a standard talk radio show: 2 or 3 people in front of a microphone, chatting about the topic at hand. From there, they’ve grown into every genre you could possibly imagine.

Sure, you can still listen to the talk radio style podcasts, if that’s your thing. But there are also podcasts that have just one host all the time. Podcasts that have one host will usually invite guests or rotating panels with many different personalities. This broadens the scope of audience.

There is a podcast for every niche

Today, there is literally a podcast for everyone – whether they’re a 3-year old or a 73-year old. They’re available on hundreds of different applications. From stand-up comedy to particle physics, to (yes) business – it’s out there.

It is worth noting that the business category is in the top-4 revenue generating niches (with arts and entertainment being #1), so it’s definitely something that people are taking seriously. Still, at only 11% of the market, there is room to grow.

Emerging technology supports the trend

As a society, we are heading towards constant connectedness. From virtual assistants like Siri and Homepod, smartphones, to Xbox . . . every device is going to communicate with every other device, and they’ll be able to anticipate what you want and need.  

In the very near future, most new cars will come standard with internet connections, making the podcast download process much easier. If you happen to be driving when a new episode is loaded, your car may automatically download and start playing it for you.

Your smartwatch, your phone, and your personal assistant will all be able to communicate with each other – and if your phone knows that you were in the middle of a podcast when you arrived at home the night before, it will be able to automatically begin playing from the exact spot where you left off the next morning. Siri will also be able to tell you when something new and fun pops on the market that you might be interesting.

There will literally be zero effort involved in listening.

If your brand hasn’t made the leap to audible content, maybe it’s time. If you already have a blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and an Instagram collection, this is just one more way to reach a broad audience which can consume your content. Make sure your website is ready to store all of your new episodes. Get the power and speed of WordPress Hosting.

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