Why InMotion Hosting Stands Above BlueHost for Best Hosting for WordPress

InMotion Hosting Stands Above Blue Host

If you’re looking for the best hosting for WordPress-based websites, then you know that there are a lot of options out there. One of the best available is InMotion Hosting.

You’ve probably also heard about BlueHost and its users who tout it as the best overall hosting option for your WordPress site. Although there are plenty of reviews out there, let’s do a breakdown of exactly what InMotion provides you with so that you can make an educated decision before you commit to a platform.

  • WordPress—WordPress is already the industry standard when it comes to content management systems (CMS). One of the things that make InMotion the best hosting for WordPress is that it comes packaged with BoldGrid, its own WordPress-based website creator. This component allows you to quickly and easily create your website with templates and drag-and-drop elements.  In addition, there are no limits to the number of pages you can create and the website remains your property. If you choose to take your site to another host, you can do so without InMotion laying claim to the site.
  • Website Transfers—If you are coming to InMotion from another hosting platform, it is even easier to transfer your sites directly to them. This service also comes to you free of charge when you sign up with InMotion. One of the best parts of this transfer process is you will be able to keep your emails and other settings intact and you will also not have any downtime on your site. The website will stay up and active throughout the transfer process until it is complete and the new website is ready to go live on InMotion.
  • Solid State Drives—One of the first things to realize is that InMotion offers (for free) Solid-State Drives (SSD) on its servers. These drives have no internally moving parts like the old school spinning hard disk drives. (You can usually tell the difference when you boot up and hear the whirring of the older drives as they spin to action.) SSDs are almost twenty times faster than the alternative and do not wear out as quickly as other hard drives. This means that your website will be faster and you don’t have to worry about drive failures losing your data.
  • Email—Besides providing you with a website that is easily accessible online, you can also get email with InMotion Hosting. In fact, they can set up your business with personalized email accounts (such as @yourbusinessname.com) and you will have unlimited email storage so that you can keep track of all your business mail.

InMotion Hosting has WordPress Hosting Authority

From these features alone, you can easily see that InMotion Hosting is the best hosting for WordPress on the market. But it doesn’t end there.  InMotion also offers free SSL certificates for extra encryption and security as well as a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Also, if you choose one of their business hosting plans for one year or more, you can get your domain registration for free, making InMotion a great choice for streamlined support.

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