Why Creating a WordPress Website Is the Best Option for Your Church

Why Creating a WordPress Website Is the Best Option for Your Church

Is your church badly in need of building an online presence to gain more attention and attract more attendees? You certainly aren’t alone in this endeavor. Most churches have the same problem: how to create a website on a small budget.

Traditionally, designing a website was a considerable investment. However, with the tools and options available today, churches can easily build an impressive website without breaking the bank. In fact, we recommend that you jot down “create WordPress website” into your plans for this year.

Why WordPress?

There are plenty of website choices out there and we are betting you’ve heard more than one recommendation from people already. With all the competing advice, it can be tough to make a decision. Allow us to make it easy for you.

Over 60 million websites have been created on the WordPress platform. Novice users and experienced web designers alike love working in WordPress. Since it’s an open source product, no one company or corporation controls or backs it – allowing it to be adaptable and giving it the freedom to grow, expand and change as the audience uses it.

While the barrier to entry used to be harder because it required knowing how to use HTML and code to create WordPress website pages, that’s no longer necessary to use WordPress for your site. Our website builder makes building a beautiful and professional church website easy.

How Difficult Is Building a Website?

Today you don’t need to know a single bit of HTML code to build a website. Technology has advanced quickly and tools, like BoldGrid, allow churches to drag and drop images and copy onto a web page quickly and easily.

Do We Need to Hire Help?

Not at all. Someone on your church payroll could simply take on the role of web designer for you right away. By purchasing a web builder and web hosting, the hard part of web development is already over. After that, you simply pick a template that looks great and will work for the style you are hoping to achieve and start uploading images and typing in text.

If you’d like to incorporate any special feature on your site, there are plenty of widgets and plugins available that will also make this easy. Just pick the tool you want to use, install in on your website and test to make sure it functions the way you want it to work.

Is It Affordable?

This is the real question, right? Most churches have a limited budget for this sort of project. However, we assure you that your place of worship can afford to build your website right away. Grab a domain name, get the annual subscription to the website builder, and then pick a web hosting package. If you decide to go with our Website Creator bundle, you’ll get all of this in one click. Quick, easy and affordable – a no-brainer for any church looking to increase their online presence and attract more visitors.

Your WordPress Website

Learning the ins and outs to create WordPress website pages for your church isn’t nearly as complicated or as difficult as it initially seems. If you still aren’t sold on the possibility of building your website in-house, we’d like to invite you to try our offer with our free WordPress demo. It’s a no-obligation way to build your website and show it off to the other members of your church before deciding to buy. If you have doubts about your own ability to create a WordPress website from scratch, it’s time to test out your own capabilities. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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