What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Shared Hosting Provider?

If your dog had a website, what shared hosting provider do you think it would go with? Would it look for a provider that offered belly rubs? Most likely. That, and if the provider would mail some treats every once in a while, that would be nice too. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a hosting provider that will provide these types of services.

So, what would your dog look for? I think I have a good idea of what dogs like, and have come up with a list of certain aspects of hosting your dog would look for.


First things first, dogs like security. Whether at home or on their website, a dog wants to be safe. To help out on the hosting front, a dog would want to make sure that they have the best options available to keep their site secure. While most hosts offer simple firewalls and scanning for malware or threats, that’s not all that is available. One of the more common aspects of security that is readily available from some hosting providers, is an SSL Certificate.

An SSL (secure socket layer) Certificate allows the data that is transferred between your site and the user to be encrypted. This gives an extra layer of security and is a well trusted add on.


Dogs like running around and not being cooped up. When it comes to websites, the uptime is the dog being able to run, and downtime is the dog being locked in its cage. Your dog wants as close as it can to 100% uptime. The reason, is because 100% uptime is impossible to achieve. Dogs need to sleep sometimes and websites go down sometimes. This is just how it is, but it should not be the norm. Any uptime that is lower than 99% isn’t a good service. 99% and above is the industry standard when it comes to uptime.


Every dog wants a lot of space to roam, grow and have fun. What they would look for is the option to move up to a larger shared plan as their site grows. A quality shared hosting provider will offer up multiple levels of shared plans. This is for when your site needs some more room or bandwidth, but will still benefit from a more affordable shared hosting plan. Also, being able to stay with the same host but move to a bigger better package is oh so nice. Your dog won’t have to worry about switching providers–which causes more downtime. It’s basically like giving your dog their favorite bone, but this time it’s just bigger.


As you know, dogs love being supported. Whether telling them they are a good boy/girl, applauding when they roll over, or giving them treats, a dog loves when you support them. Of course, they are going to want the same thing when it comes to their hosting. Luckily, we are in the age of customer service and companies are doing everything they can to stand out from the competition. Being able to reach the customer from different avenues is the first thing you should look for. Can you call, email, and chat with them? If not, maybe you should think of going with another option. Also, while not every host does this, 24/7 support is a huge bonus for a potential host.

While there are other categories to look at, these four will be the most impressive for your dog, and should be for you as well.

Dogs seem to know a lot about what would make a good shared hosting provider. But have they found the right hosting provider? Well, if you look at the criteria, and the different companies, there is one that comes to mind. Yes, InMotion Hosting is your dog’s favorite host. We were honored when we found out and think that your dog is extremely talented and smart.

If you aren’t excited about taking your dog’s recommendation on a host, check it out for yourself. You can look at our hosting page for more information and to see why we are your dog’s favorite web hosting company.

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