What’s Included with Managed WordPress Hosting? Is it Worth It?

If you’re looking into the advantages of a managed WordPress hosting service, then here are some of the things that you need to know. A managed hosting service is one of many different types available including shared servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and cloud servers.

But it’s also one of the more expensive options, which begs the question: Is it worth the expense? Let’s examine the features that come with managed WordPress hosting and you can decide if the cost is worth it for your business or personal website.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Any hosting service places your website and its data onto a computer server so that it can be accessed from the Internet. The type of server you choose can vary widely, however. A managed hosting service is one that is supervised by the professionals who run the service. They will perform the general upkeep and maintenance on your website so that you don’t have to do all the hard work.

This can include the following:

  • Optimizing the website’s configuration so that it runs smoothly;
  • Performing needed updates to the software to ensure that it is secure;
  • Running regular backups of data in case of a breach, hack, or other loss of data;
  • Updating the hardware so that it can run quickly and without interruption; and
  • Cleaning viruses and malware off the systems and installing security software that prevents the viruses from infecting the system to begin with.

What are the Benefits of Managed Hosting?

Whether or not a managed server is cost-effective will ultimately center on several categories and the benefits that the service provides. This can include:

  • Optimization—On a regular server, you might have a dozen stored websites all using different platforms for their creation. But with a managed WordPress hosting service, all the sites on the server were created using WordPress, meaning that the server must be configured to work specifically with WordPress and no other platform. This means that everything from the operating system to the plugins used on the sites will run easier on this type of server.
  • Security—Each website platform has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to security. But, if your server is only hosting WordPress sites, then you know exactly what these security pros and cons are because it is built around the single platform. This means that the professionals managing your site do not have to be versed in half a dozen web platforms. They can specialize in WordPress and know exactly how to make the websites on these servers secure.
  • Technical Issues—If you are in the business world, you probably don’t want to have to learn a lot about coding and computer servers. Instead, you want to focus all your time and energy on your business and how to market and grow it. By having a managed hosting platform, you are turning over the more technical side to a group of professionals who are trained to do just this. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping up with trends in web design, plugins and how they work, and computer coding. All this would be handled by the management firm.
  • Staging Sites and Uptime—A final benefit is that your managed site will include a staging site where the managing firm can create a website for you and change it, tweak it, and manipulate it without interrupting your website’s uptime. When it is fully ready and meets your approval, then they can push the website out to the Internet with a push of a button. This keeps your website up continuously, so you can cultivate a greater customer base.

Choosing your Plan

A managed WordPress hosting platform is one of the costliest services on the market. However, the benefits of peace of mind and ease of use make up for the price. By letting trained professionals work on your site to update and maintain it, you don’t have to worry yourself about the site and can let others do the worrying for you.

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