What To Look For In WordPress Security Plugins

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Plugins make working in WordPress super easy. If there’s a feature you don’t have, you just look for a plugin, and—most of the time—you find it. But have too many plugins slows down your site and introduces security risks.

For the most secure WordPress site, you need a strong base. That’s why InMotion Hosting created their own WordPress Hosting package. Rigorous server-side security means you can spend less time hardening your hosting and more time creating a better website.

This is why it’s considered a best practice to carefully monitor your plugin usage. Only select plugins that provide significant value by performing functions you simply can’t do yourself or can’t afford to pay someone to do for you.

This is why WordPress security plugins are so popular. Not everyone is a WordPress security expert. But, security is important. So the plugin developers stepped up to fill that knowledge gap. In this article, you’ll see why it’s important to have a security plugin and what to avoid when shopping around for the right one.

What To Look For in a Security Plugin

Remember, if you have specialty WordPress hosting your server security needs should be well handled.

But what’s left to think about?

Even if you have the most secure WordPress server in the world, there are ways for hackers to break into your WordPress site, almost as if you forgot to lock on the front door of your house and a burglar walked right in.

WordPress hardening picks up where the server admins left off. The security plugins take over at that point by…

  • Securing your login page
  • Adjusting file permissions
  • Blocking nefarious IP addresses

And much more.

What To Avoid in Security Plugins

But, you’ll want to steer clear of heavy plugins that use up server resources. Some plugins are too powerful for their own good, and they can actually crash your site. Read reviews. Do some research on a selected plugin and see what the users are saying. Choose a plugin that has:

  • High value
  • Low footprint

That’s how you get everything you need without spending a lot of resources you’ll need for running the site. Security steps are simple when broken down to individual parts.


Now for the recommendations:

  • Sucuri For WordPress: A very nice set of features and not too resource intensive. You may especially be interested in the blacklist monitoring features.
  • WP Security Safe: With a surprising bounty of features in the free version, this plugin is very lightweight yet very powerful.
  • WordFence: More resource heavy than the above option, but with a lot of rich features to choose from, this one makes the cut.

You’ll find adding any of these to your site increases your security presence in WordPress right away.

But please note: you must never use more than one security plugin. Pick once and pick wisely. If you want to try other plugins then you must first uninstall the one you’re already using.

Keeping your site safe on the web can be a chore, but you’ll be glad you decided to do it.

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