What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

One common hosting type for WordPress websites is Managed WordPress Hosting. What exactly is that? If you are trying to get a personal blog or an online business off the ground, your focus may not be specifically on the technical details of the server. You are probably more focused on adding content to your blogs or growing your business with quality services and products.

Managed WordPress Hosting allows you to do exactly that. In this article, we want to share several reason why managed WordPress Hosting may be the best hosting option for your website.

A Quick Explanation of Managed WordPress Hosting

Most Managed WordPress Hosting is similar to a virtual host. Your website is placed on a server with dozens of other websites, but that server has been split off into sections that allow you a set of resources.

Unfortunately, WordPress is known for taking up a lot of memory, causing slow processing on these servers. That is why a managed option is a good choice because the server has been specifically optimized for  WordPress. This alone helps your site so that it performs better.

The Benefits of Managed Hosting

In a nutshell, a managed hosting service takes care of the day-to-day upkeep of your website so that you don’t have to. Specifically, you can expect help with the following areas:

  • Tech Support—This is one of biggest reasons for choosing managed hosting. You are not simply being given space on the host company’s server. You are also getting 24/7 technical support. These experts know specifically how to handle issues like plugins that are slowing down your website’s responsiveness.
  • Security—The server your website is on has a high level of security settings. Specifically, the firewalls and security plugins will help keep your site safe. This is essential since nothing will lose you customers or readers quite like building a reputation for being infected with malware or being the victim of a data breach.
  • Backups—If you’ve worked around computers, you know that backups are essential. If you experience a disaster and lose all your data, not having a backup can spell total cataclysm. But if this happens to your website, it can cost you views and even money.

A managed WordPress hosting system will ensure that you get regular backups to your website so that if something does happen, you can relaunch from the last backup point with few problems or loss of uptime. In many cases, these backups are often stored on a cloud and not at the physical location of the server, so if the building were to experience a disaster like a fire or a tornado, you can still retrieve the last backup of the site.

Managed WordPress hosting makes sense for any business or blogger who is looking to add a level of stability and professionalism to their website. If you have outgrown your current host and are looking for someone to help you manage your site, this is definitely an option to explore. Consider InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Hosting for your website.

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