What is Captain America’s Favorite WordPress Plugin?

What is Captain America’s Favorite WordPress Plugin?

Captain America once said, “Without my WordPress backup plugin, my website would have been taken down by Hydra and I would have lost everything.” I was in just as much shock as you because I didn’t even know Captain America knew what WordPress was. But here he is, talking about how a plugin saved his site from being shut down. And he could not be more right.

As we know, Captain America was frozen in ice for a long time and had to play some serious catch up when finally teaming up with the Avengers. And due to his desire to become better and learn about web processes, it is safe to say that he’s done his research when it comes to websites and protecting them. After all, where else is he going to host all of his fitness challenge and motivational videos?

The Importance of Backing Up Your Website

So why is a backup so important?

To answer that, let’s go over a scenario that can happen to any website.

One day there is a hacker, we’ll call them Red Skull. Red Skull decides that they want to take down your website. As an experienced and efficient hacker, they gain access to the backend of your website and start deleting everything. Personal files, themes, plugins, fonts, you name it, all gone. In the end you are left with absolutely nothing.

You take notice and call your hosting provider to see what is going on. They see that your website has been erased but advise that there is nothing to fear, for they have a backup of your website.

You rejoice! What could have been an utter disaster and complete loss is now just an inconvenience. This is the importance of backing up your website.

Without the backup you would have had to start from scratch on building your website again.

While having a host that provides a backup is a good idea, having the option to backup your website yourself, is a better one.

Different Ways to Backup Your Website

There are two general ways to backup your website, manual or with a plugin. There’s no right or wrong way to backup a site, but there are certainly preferences, pros and cons, and opinions on backup processes within the industry. We prefer downloading a WordPress backup plugin and we think Captain American would agree with us!

Manually backing up your website involves going into the cPanel and choosing which files, settings, and other data you would like to save. This can be a tedious process and can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for/at.

On the other hand, a WordPress backup plugin can be an easier, more delightful experience.

There are many different options available for you to choose from. Some plugins offer complete backups, some offer just database backups, some offer scheduled backups, and so on. Deciding on which plugin is best for you is your choice. A simple Google search can show you several of the most common WordPress plugins!

When to Backup Your Website

Deciding on when to backup your website is up to you but there are certain circumstances when it should always be done. One instance is after you have updated your website with new information, plugins, settings, etc. This ensures that any new updates are saved and can be reinstated if needed.

However, you should also run a backup right before you update your website. If something is to go wrong with the update you can always go back to the previous version while troubleshooting what went wrong.

Other than those two times, backing up a website is purely up to when you feel it is necessary. Some companies run backups weekly, some bi-weekly, some more frequently, and some less. Companies with a lot of data backup their sites every evening. It really depends on your situation.

While Captain America’s favorite WordPress backup plugin isn’t one particular brand, he knows the importance of protecting that which needs protecting, and the best way to defend something is to prepare for it. If you don’t want to let Captain America down, and who does, then we recommend backing up your website and using a plugin to do so. If you already have a plugin, then you are a step ahead and should make sure that your web host helps you along the way. Take a look at our homepage to see what we can do for you and how we can help protect your website just like Captain America would.

Correction: InMotion Hosting no longer offers free backups. However, the backup manager service is available at a rate of $2/month. It is highly reliable and easy to use.

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