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Twitter Chat Calendar

twitter chat on #socialmediaEver gone glassy eyed at the constant chatter about social media? It probably gnaws at you somewhere that you’re supposed to join into some ‘senseless nonsense’ just to  have a business presence.

Perhaps you’ve taken a skirting look before through your Chat Client Window and seen the barrage of promoters, all saying their piece of advice on social media. It’s no wonder at that point if you think there’s no room for you in that stream, or as soon as you do tweet something out it would be buried and in effect useless to you.

Well, I’ve curated the best places to start learning! Twitter hashtag chat streams are rather like interactive radio shows, and people flock at various times to tune in. I’ve scheduled a calendar of these chat panels, where you are free to interact with the experts and gain some great business advice on integrating your online business – with social media.

Sunday Twitter Chats:

  • #Likeable with Dave Kerpen – Social Media Trends for marketers to look out for
  • #Blogchat with Mack Collier – All about promoting your Blogsite

Monday Twitter Chats:

  • #MMchat with Jeff Ashcroft focusing on Media Managers, ask the experts.
  • #SocialChat with Alan Knecht You get to drive the conversation!
  • #JournChat with Sarah Evans, interaction for journalists and PR professionals.

Tuesday Twitter Chats:

  • #sMMManners with Dabney Porte – Learn about Social Media Etiquette
  • #SMbiz with John and Chrisanne Sternal – Business chat for businesses on using social media
  • #pr20chat with Heather Whaling – A chat for PR professionals

Wednesday Twitter Chats:

  • #CmgrChat with Jenn Pedde – Community Manager Chat
  • #SMchat with Chris Jones – A different topic on Social Media Each Week
  • #wjchat from @wjchat – tech journalists on the web!

Thursday Twitter Chats:

  • #MyBlogGuest with Anne Smarty – all about getting your guest publications on the road
  • #BWEchat by Blogworld – Keynote speakers, and pro bloggers from Blogworld Expo.

Friday Twitter Chats:

  • #CMGRhangout – Hosted by Tim McDonald for community managers with a live video stream in google hangouts.

Simply auto copy these schedules to your calendar. There’s a feature in this calendar to click on each event. Set your calendar to auto announce upcoming events, so you won’t forget to watch the stream or pose some of those questions you’ve been dying to ask the experts.

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