Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress Hosting

We love WordPress. And after reading through this list of 5 reasons to choose WordPress Hosting, we think you’ll be singing its praises too.

WordPress is the Best CMS On The Market

When it comes to selecting a content management system (CMS) for your site, we think the choice is clear (and most of the web agrees): WordPress is the best.

Easy to Customize

WordPress is easy to customize whether you have a pre-built theme or you’re designing a site yourself using the theme framework.

Once you’ve installed a site, you can customize it with a click of a button?

Want to add a logo or move a menu? It’s easy with drag and drop functionality.

Developers and Designers Love WordPress

The WordPress framework is fairly universal.

If a developer or designer is unfamiliar with it, they can quickly get up to speed by following the WordPress documentation.

But you’ll find most developers and designers will be familiar with WordPress and can deliver what you’re looking for.

This beats an obscure page builder or custom CMS (Content Management System) by leaps and bounds.

Easy Security and Backups

Having WordPress is like having your own team of developers and security experts working for you for free.

The massive collaboration of developers from all around the world means that WordPress is updated frequently with bug fixes and general hardening.

As long as you’re doing regular updates and remembering to back up your site, you’re doing a great deal toward securing your site and preventing hacks.

Free and Premium Themes

Not sure exactly what layout you want for your site?

That’s easily fixed. WordPress lets you choose from thousands of free and premium themes for your site.

Themes control how your site looks and feels; basically, how your visitors will view and interact with your site.

If you’re looking for something more customized, you can edit theme controls on the back end or your site, or build your own “child” theme.

But WordPress themes can also be built by hand to match your specific needs exactly. This is where a WordPress theme developer has got you covered.

WordPress Hosting Comes With Support

When you go with WordPress hosting, you can talk to a WordPress expert any time day or night.

Think of all the things you could do with a full support wing on your side.

Your WordPress Site Will Be Blazing Fast

With a WordPress hosting package, your site is already optimized for speed.

If you’ve ever heard someone complain about having a slow WordPress website, it’s possible they have mismanaged their site resources or have poor hosting.

WordPress hosting does all the server tweaking for you, so all you need to do is add content.

To do something similar in a more expensive VPS environment, you would want to consider consulting one of our Managed Hosting experts.

Or, select the WordPress VPS package at checkout to get our WordPress special sauce automatically installed on your VPS.

Don’t Overpay For Hosting

For most users, the technology is most important. But for many, price will be a determining factor.

That’s why our WordPress hosting package is competitively priced to give you the WordPress VIP experience at a fraction of the costs you could expect from a VPS or Dedicated hosting solution.

Security Matters

When you sign up for WordPress hosting, you’ll get a Free SSL for your primary domain (and any domains you add to your hosting).

This means your visitors will be able to safely interact with your site without having to worry about their data being sniffed out by third-parties.

Yes, you get the nice SSL padlock icon to signify that your site is secure.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just getting started with WordPress or if you’ve been using it for years, WordPress hosting gives you everything you’ll need:

  1. The power of the WordPress CMS itself
  2. Support from experts
  3. Optimized speed
  4. Affordable pricing
  5. Security

Be sure to contact one of our WordPress specialists if you have any questions.

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